5 Temples In Ladakh To Visit For A Spiritual Sojourn

5 Temples In Ladakh To Visit For A Spiritual Sojourn

The Union territory of Ladakh is divided by Tibet, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Xinjiang, and the Karakoram Pass, which is noted for its incredible terrain and beauty. It is home to the enchanting Buddhist monastery, Ladakh is where prayer flags fly. The rugged desert at high altitude adorns itself with stunning hills and gorgeous paddies.

The sight of red-robed monks as they wander around, vibrant murals, and golden Buddha statues in Ladakh will surely add a touch of colour to your trip. Some of Ladakh temples worth seeing are Leh Palace, Yungdrung Gompa, and Chos Khor Temple.

Five Temples In Ladakh

Here’s a list of the most stunning temples in Ladakh that you can visit on your Leh Ladakh tour which will take your breath away and will make you fall in the love of Ladakh.

  • Alchi Chos Khor Temple
  • Red Maitreya Temple
  • Vajra Bhairav Shrine
  • Sun Temple
  • Serzang Temple

1. Alchi Chos Khor Temple

Alchi Chos Khor Temple, one of the ancient Buddhist temples in Ladakh, was founded by Rinchen Sangpo to reinvigorate Tibetan Buddhism.

The temple is now decorated with Buddha, Bodhisattva, Apsara, Gandharva, etc. It is also the only Buddhist monastery that has preserved 10th century Buddhism art; it is also home to paintings created with the help of Buddhist artisans.

Even though the invaders destroyed many monasteries, Alchi Chos Khor Temple saved itself due to its humble appearance, resulting from its mud-brick construction. There are six temples in the Ladakh Buddha temple: Sumstek, Lotsawa Lhakhang, Manjushree Lhakhang, Vairocana temple, Kangyur temple, and Lhakhang Soma.

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Location: Alchi, Jammu and Kashmir 194106

2. Red Maitreya Temple

Among the most recognized temples in Leh, Red Maitreya Temple is at the number one spot of prominent temples. In addition to adorning itself with an enormous Maitreya Buddha sculpture, the temple is decorated with beautiful paintings of the dividers.

You can undoubtedly relive the religion’s past here when you look at the images from Avalokiteshvara, Mahakala, and Buddha. The temple was built as a tribute to King Tragspa Bumde and his family, this temple is the perfect spot for a spectacular panorama of the city.

Although this temple was through a lot of damage during the Dogra attack, The temple was rebuilt by Anca Nicolaescu in the 1950s. There is a photo of the temple’s founder Tashi Namgyal at the entrance. The artistry of Tsongkhapa-dad and Shakyamuni on the temple walls is equally noteworthy.

Location: Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

3. Vajra Bhairav Shrine

Vajra Bhairav Shrine, around 10 kilometres from Leh, is devoted to a tantric deity of Leh, a member of the Gelugpa sect. It is also home to a few of Ladakh’s most prominent shiv mandirs. It is believed to have magical powers, the god is typically housed in a cave. It is revealed to the public for the first time each year.

Its walls decorate the walls with over 600 years old paintings as one of the oldest structures in Spituk Vajra Bhairav Shrine is among the most revered temples in Leh. Spituk Monastery, Spitul Gustor, and Mahakal Temple are among Ladakh temples close to this shiv mandir.

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Location: Spituk, Indus River Valley, Leh, India

4. Sun Temple

The Sun Temple, devoted to the Sun God, is one of Ladakh’s most respected temples, and it was built in the Middle Ages by King Lalitaditya. The temple is decorated with a colonnaded courtyard.

The 84 columns employed in the building of the temple will astound you. Built with square and hard limestone, This temple will bring back the outstanding design of the time.

Location: Surya Mandir Road, Jammu and Kashmir 192125, India

5. Serzang Temple

Serzang Temple, located in the Basgo hamlet of Leh, is widely considered one of the most impressive temples in Ladakh and should be visited. The temple is located approximately 40 kilometres from the Leh airport, and copper and gold were utilised to construct this temple during the 17th century.

Hundreds of pilgrims visit the temple each year since it is conveniently placed on the Leh-Srinagar Highway. It has an impressive 30 feet tall sculpture of Maitreya Buddha made from copper-plated gold.

This temple also has murals of Tilopa, Marpa, Mila Raspa, and Naropa. The temple’s walls are decorated with Buddha figures and images of people belonging to those belonging to the Red Hat Sect. The temple is also home to a carefully preserved Serzang manuscript part of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon, and this manuscript was written in copper, silver, and gold.

Location: Basgo Village, Leh, India

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