All You Need to Know About Elder Abuse Investigations

All You Need to Know About Elder Abuse Investigations

There has been a significant rise in elder abuse cases in the UK. In fact, the Health and Social Care Information Centre, now known as the NHS reported that in the duration of 2012-2013, around thirty-eight per cent cases of alleged elder abuse were filed against older person’s home. Similarly, around forty-five per cent of cases were reported in care homes.

Therefore, if your loved one is placed in a care home, it is important to make sure that they are provided with proper care and attention. If you have any suspicions about the malpractices of care homes, you can take the assistance of Private Detectives in the UK to gather hard evidence against the institution.

What Constitutes As Elder Abuse? 

Elder abuse cases can involve neglect, physical abuse, as well as emotional abuse. If you are wondering about the circumstances in which you can launch an elder abuse case, you can ask the Private Detective to gather evidence for the following events:

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse includes the exploitation of the elderly’s financial resources. The case for financial abuse can be filed if you have the evidence that the care home is denying or limiting the access of your loved one from their rightful assets, benefits and monetary rewards. This restriction can be placed due to theft, intimidation, deception or coercion. A Private Investigator in Manchester can help you collect hard evidence to file this case.

Emotional or Psychological Abuse

Emotional or psychological abuse can include cases in which the staff of the caring home engages in verbal abuse, such as speaking in harsh tones, giving out threats, insults and screaming at the senior citizens. If you suspect psychological abuse in senior citizen care homes, you can contact a Private Detective to assist you in building the case.

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Physical Abuse

You can also build a case for physical abuse in elderly care homes. Physical abuse includes causing pain, injury, physical distress, giving the wrong medication, and other cases that can lead to discomfort, extreme pain or even death.

Sexual Abuse

Elderly patients can also suffer from sexual abuse in nursing or care homes. Sexual abuse can include non-consented acts of physical contact, as well as sexual abuse towards incapacitated individuals, who are unable to give consent. A Private Investigator can help you gather concrete evidence, even for the most complex cases of sexual abuse

Non-Action or Neglect

Causing harm is not the only form of elder abuse. Rather, neglect or the absence of care can also fall in this category. This means that if the care home does not take the necessary measures to protect the senior citizens from harm’s way, they are contributing to elder abuse. Hence, with a PI, you can find credible evidence to ensure that your loved one is well taken care of. Elderly abuse is a serious crime. If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of elderly abuse, it is imperative to hire a Private Detective to build your case against the senior citizen care home.