How to Show Your Dog That You Care in 6 Easy Steps

How to Show Your Dog That You Care in 6 Easy Steps

It is said that a dog is a human’s best friend, and indeed it is likely that your dog will happily follow you to the end of the earth if you so wish it. With this in mind, you should do your utmost to show your dog that you truly care for them in every aspect of their daily life.

#1 Diet and Snacks

It is said that a dog will learn with its tummy and this, to a certain extent, is true. Indeed, with enough repartition and a huge number of snacks and treats, you can teach your dog new and interesting tricks, some of which could very well be lifesaving for them. 

However, snacks and treats, no matter how enthusiastically they are received, should be limited to a certain amount per day and should not get in the way of your dog eating a good and healthy diet. One of the healthiest diets that you can feed your dog is that of Raw Dog Food. However, do not be fooled into believing that this is solely about raw meat because there are other raw foods such as fruit, vegetables, and seed mixes available so that you can make sure that your dog obtains a good healthy balanced diet.

#2 Toys

It is vital that you provide your dog with toys for they to play with either while you are around so that you can play too and while they are left on their own. This will not only provide them with much enjoyment while you are playing against or with them (depending on the game, for instance, tug of war or fetch), but it will also provide them with something to do other than rip your furniture apart while they are on their own feeling bored.

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#3 Exercise

Every dog, regardless of how large or small they are, requires exercise. A run in the backyard is just not enough. They need to be out and able to sniff regular scenting posts, be able to wander and enjoy grass under their feet and feel the wind in their ears. 

If you have somewhere safe that you can take your dog so that they can run off of the lead and maybe meet and socialize with other dogs, you will be able to see the sheer enjoyment of the moment. However, if you are not so lucky to live in an area where these kinds of spaces are available, then maybe you should make an effort to find one when you have a free day to spend with your furry friend.

#4 Nap Time

Like humans, sleep is very important to dogs. Indeed there is nothing more enjoyable than watching your dog recount his fun-filled day by having puppy dreams while they are asleep and watching the legs move and the tail wag while little woofs issue from him as he remembers his fun.

In this, you are going to want to provide them with a comfortable bed or sleeping area to nap in. Even if they still prefers to sleep near you, at least they will have somewhere to call their own and somewhere to go for a bit of peace and quiet. It is a good idea to make sure that children are aware that when your dog is in their bed or quiet area, they should not approach, and let them rest.

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#5 Company

Every dog needs company. If you are not at home all day or have to leave him for periods of time throughout the day, you may want to get a dog walker who knows what they are doing or a pet sitter so that they do not get lonely. If you are only going shopping and your pet has to be left, then leave the radio on or the TV on so that they do not feel so totally alone while you are out.

#6 Holidays

When it comes to holidays, there are many dogs that get shipped off into kennels, and if you have a good, trustworthy kennel to leave your dog with, then all is well and good, but you could very well find that your dog does not appreciate the idea much. 

Instead, you may find for your dog’s enjoyment and ease of stress that it is far better to employ the services of a pet sitter who will stay with your dog at your home and take them for walks, be with them through the night so that it is like when you are at home keeping to the same routines.

If this does not float your boat, then look to take your dog to either friends or family members or even a pet borders, where your dog will be kept in their home and treated like a house guest rather than being left in kennel.

Obviously, the best scenario that you can offer is to book vacations where your dog can come with you and enjoy the time away together, making new memories for you both to share.