I Stopped Teaching Because I Was Broke.

I Stopped Teaching Because I Was Broke.

TEACHER WITH A HEART I stopped teaching because I was broke, and my husband pushed me to join OnlyFans, where I now make twice as many.

After her husband, Nick Tillia, urged her to follow her passion, the 34-year-old model now earns 12 times her previous earnings.

“I was working as a particular education teacher for six years when I started to suffer emotionally, psychologically, and financially since I was working on my Ph.D.,” Courtney tillia explained.

“I was in a horrible place, I was so miserable, and I was pushing away everything I ever wanted, like my husband, my kids, the life that I was trying to establish,” she claimed, saying that she felt compelled to spend money on schooling to earn more money.

“I was so unhappy, and my spouse asked what I wanted to do since I was so detached from myself and unsatisfied with my route, so I started working at a gym.”

The ASU graduate went on to work as a female personal trainer, where she “realised women required more mental and emotional assistance to get a transformation that they genuinely desired to have.”

She expanded her services to include life counselling as a result of this.


She addressed her spouse and the father of her children after speaking with her life coach about pursuing a career as an OnlyFans model.

“It was my spouse who got me into modelling,” she stated.

“It was something I’d always wanted to achieve, but I didn’t think I was capable of.

“I didn’t believe I’d be able to accomplish it, but he showed me how to posture. He’d photograph me in the garage, bathroom, and other areas of our home and publish them on Instagram. He’s always been a strong supporter of my right to self-expression.

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“And when I explicitly asked him about OnlyFans in 2019, he said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it, why did we wait so long?'”

Courtney tillia and Nick, who have been married for nearly eight years, are now self-producing a reality television programme about their life.


“I joined OnlyFans when it was still pretty new – I’ve only had my account for two years and a half, and I’ve been posting my images ever since,” she admitted, but it was during the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020 that she cranked up the material.

It only took her three months to understand that OnlyFans might provide her with a reliable source of income.

She made two accounts when she first started on the platform: a free one and a premium one, for which she paid $20.99 per month.

After only a few years, she’s already in the top 0.03 percent of OnlyFans authors, with over 46.5K likes.

Courtney tillia Instagram account has risen by 15K followers in the previous six months, giving her a total of 291K insfollow due to Courtney tillia nude.


Courtney and Nick have two sons from their extremely happy marriage: a 9-year-old and an 8-year-old, whose identities she has chosen to keep private.

The model also has two stepdaughters from a previous relationship with her husband.

Courtney suddenly had to combine educating their youngsters due to the epidemic while still finding time to shoot some sensual photos after beginning her OnlyFans.

And she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her new job a secret for much longer.

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“My kids know I do a lot of photoshoots, and my oldest has asked if he can participate, but he knows he can’t,” she explained, adding that she locks all of the doors when she’s working on material.

“But it shouldn’t come as a surprise because we have two large images of me naked in the bathtub with only rose petals covering me – so they can’t claim they didn’t know; it’s no secret.”

“The 18 and 20-year-old females are aware. We’re both honest about what I do, and they were there when my story went viral,” Courtney explained.

“I shouldn’t have to hide female empowerment. Therefore there’s no need to hide it.” The guys don’t understand our social conventions; they don’t understand why it’s improper for me to take off my shirt in public but not for him.”


When she first started personal training, Courtney tillia recognised that many of the ladies she dealt with lacked the confidence they needed to appreciate their transformations.

She wanted to dispel the legend that women should be unhappy and anxious after becoming mothers or that they must hide their bodies as she did.

“That’s a big part of my message: our bodies have been classified as shameful and bad for a long time, and after you’re married, a mother, or start a company, your status in society diminishes.

“We’re urged to get rid of it and get it out of our systems, and, sadly, we’ve treated women this way. 

It has extinguished our spark, our spirit, and our femininity.

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“It’s part of my message not to feel ashamed but to feel powerful,” she says.

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