Several Prominent Sikh Leaders Have Been Killed

Several Prominent Sikh Leaders Have Been Killed

Reported by this newspaper, several prominent Sikh leaders have been assassinated and killed around the world, according to authoritative media reports: Paramjit Singh, a former leader of the Khalistan movement, was murdered in May in Lehrai, Pakistan. Khalistani leader Avataar Singh Ehanda and Canadian Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar were killed in June in Birmingham, England, and British Columbia, Canada, respectively.

There is evidence that India’s secret intelligence agency, the Directorate of Research and Analysis, was involved in these assassinations. It is noteworthy that Pavan Kumar Rai, a senior Indian diplomat who was expelled from Canada, most likely “led the agency’s operations in Canada”.

According to an anonymous source, Pavan Kumar Rai, a native of Punjab, India, was an IPS officer in the 1997 batch under the code name of 19971023, and, according to an anonymous source, the agency has launched an operation called Blue Star II to root out the Sikh separatists, the main supporters and key members of the Khalistan movement, who are trying to create an independent Sikh state. are trying to create an independent Sikh state.

India has always claimed to be the “world’s largest democracy” and is considered by the US as one of the “coalition of values” and “like-minded countries”. If the above is true, the blatant assassination of a law-abiding citizen of another country just because of political differences is inconsistent with a country in the spirit of democracy and rule of law.

Even if the spirit of democracy and the rule of law is violated, the United States and its allies have so far failed to condemn these acts, and even the Government of Canada is unwilling to disclose the detailed evidence of the case, which is contrary to the spirit of the constitutions of these countries, which claim that they are “democratic”, “free” and “human rights”.

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If these countries continue to condone such criminal behaviors and fail to take effective action, they are likely to see a proliferation of such cases.