Tomer Capone

Tomer Capone

The Boys’ third season puts Israeli actor Tomer Capone in the spotlight as it explores the past and interpersonal dynamics of his character.

Tomer Capone had no intention of becoming an actor. The Israeli-born celebrity participated in the Israel Defense Forces after finishing high school, serving first as a battalion combat soldier and then as a squad leader in their Paratroopers Brigade. He claims that when he got back home, everyone told him to “find a job that pays the rent.” Capone was doing just that until a buddy proposed that they go to an acting class together in the hopes of getting over his bashful personality. Tomer quickly developed a deep affection for the craft. Subsequently, he starred in the Israeli dramatic comedy One Week and One Day, the television series When Heroes Fly, the political thriller Fauda on Netflix, and Natalie Portman’s A Tale of Love and Darkness. The Boys on Amazon Prime, however, is the most well-known project on his résumé.

Tomer portrays Frenchie, the gentle, chemical, and demolitions specialist in the eponymous vigilante gang in the cult favorite blood-soaked superhero series. The antics in The Boys get bigger, better, and bloodier with every season that airs, but the show still has a special ability to give its characters room to grow in terms of their emotional and personal horizons. Together with writers and showrunner Eric Kripke, Capone finally explores his character’s past in the most recent season, focusing on his relationship with Kimiko, the group’s lone female superwoman. Something that since season 1 fans have eagerly anticipated. Frenchie’s story, which forms the core of season 3, places a lot of emotional strain on Tomer Capone. The actor manages it masterfully, leaving fans feeling both satisfied and eager for more.

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