What Cleaning Companies Focus On in the Office

What Cleaning Companies Focus On in the Office

Whilst the office environment isn’t immediately associated with dirt and grime, it is a place that cleaning companies Cambridge wide are regularly called out to work on. Without wanting to fear-monger, there are a lot of hot spots in the office around which germs congregate, so it’s important to ensure that these areas included in your cleaning routine.

In this blog, we take a look at a few of the main places in your office where germs collect. On average, workers in the United Kingdom take as many as 7 days off per year with sniffles, coughs and stomach bugs. So, it can have a real impact on your business’s productivity – and that’s before we start talking about the risk that Covid-19 now represents.

Focus On Office Chairs

The first area we look at is the humble office chair, which represents one of the biggest touch points you can have in your workspace. Every part of your office chair that your skin comes into contact with is a potential source of bacteria, which includes the arms, the lever that raises and lowers its height and the chair’s back.

Strains of bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa are commonly found in these areas, which can often lead to time off work.

The Common or Garden Office Computer Keyboard

Another area that cleaning companies in Cambridge and beyond pay attention to is the computer keyboard, which obviously is something that gets touched hundreds, if not thousands of times a day. The number of times the average keyboard gets touched is certainly reflected in the number of germs that can be found there.

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Research has shown that there are about 20,000 times more germs on an office keyboard than on a typical toilet seat. Disgusting but true and if those germs – which are similar to those found on office chairs – get passed on, the result is often sickness and lost productivity.

Your Average Office Computer Mouse is Loaded With Germs

An uncleaned computer keyboard is loaded with illness-inducing germs and the same can be said for your computer’s mouse. The same germs are passed along in the same way through skin contact and when they’re not regularly cleaned by a professional, these germs just build and build.

We’re talking about germs that make you feel lousy and unproductive, so it stands to reason that the cost of employing the best cleaning companies in Cambridge has to offer is more than offset by the employee sick days that it prevents.

Keeping our Clients’ Offices Clean & Productive

The benefits of employing professional cleaners for your office extend much further than making your workspace look neat and tidy. Regular cleaning of your office equipment and work surfaces ensures that the germs that exist in the working environment are kept at bay. The net result is healthier employees that get to avoid coming down with unnecessary common germ-related ailments.

At Complete Cleaning Limited, we understand the importance of regular office cleaning and we’ve been providing high-quality commercial cleaning services to our clients in the Cambridge area for almost 20 years. If you would like to know more about us and why we’re considered as one of the best Cambridge cleaning companies, visit us online at www.completecleaningltd.co.uk.

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