What is Propolinse?

What is Propolinse?

Propolinse is a Mouthwash. It is a natural mouthwash prepared by a Japanese organization. It comprises catechin from green tea extract and propolis from honey. Green Tea prevents bad breath as it destroys the microbes that make your mouth stinky. Propolinse will assist you to strengthen good dental hygiene by eliminating bacteria, awful breath, and plaque and at the same time brightening teeth and preventing tooth decay.

Propolinse contains the following ingredients:

  • water,
  • glycerin,
  • ethanol,
  • peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil,
  • fragrance,
  • Xylitol,
  • methylparaben,
  • phytic acid,
  • malic acid,
  • hydrogen carbonate Na,
  • menthol,
  • saccharine,
  • sodium citrate,
  • Cetylpyridinium chloride,
  • propolis extract.


Propolinse Mouthwash helps cleanse mouth dirtiness. It’s most suitable for a smoker and cavity prevention. This mouthwash is a very delicate, cooling, gentle, and natural component of xylitol for teeth.

Protein stain clasping to your mouth is one of the reasons for bad breath smell. Benefiting from Propolinse, you can glimpse the protein stains rinsed away in your mouth clearly with your eyes because its outstanding formulas are eligible for snatching protein stains. Surely, You get exhilarated after wielding it.


Propolinse is considered Japan’s No.1 Mouthwash, which is made from natural components and is Fluoride-free. According to common research, it is concluded that just in only 20 seconds, Propolinse eliminates bacteria, bad breath, brightens teeth, and prevents tooth decay.

Propolinse indicated adequate effectiveness on plaque and gingivitis in all of the included research. Out of the eight types of research that documented plaque index, 5 studies found equal effectiveness of propolinse and CHX in diminishing plaque, two types of research found exemplary effectiveness in favor of CHX, while one research found exemplary effectiveness in acceptance of propolinse refresh. Six studies evaluated gingival inflammation consequences, four of which broadcasted better results with propolinse, while two types of research documented comparative conclusions.

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  • Vigorously swish a proper dose of 10-15ml (half of the cap) into your mouth. Propolinse can be used directly so, there is no need to dilute water into it.
  • Wiggle in the mouth for 20-30 seconds and spit out of your mouth and use the toothbrush.
  • After utilizing propolinse, keep it suitably covered with the cap closed tightly.

The rinse that you spit out after using propolinse , may include brownish particles which are the excessive protein and junk assembled from Propolinse’s athletic ingredients.


1: Don’t swallow the rinse

2: Store your propolinse at a controlled room temperature. 3: please keep out of reach of children.

3: If you feel uneasy or encounter an allergic reaction after using propolinse, kindly stop using the propolinse instantly and talk with a doctor.


The current research indicates that propolis-based mouthwashes may have adequate clinical effectiveness in curtailing plaque and gingival breakout. Long-term usage of propolinse is microbiologically safe and beneficial. Adding propolinse to  your daily routine will be a great expansion of your oral care routine. If you use it daily it will not only freshen your breath but also harmful bacteria that are left over after flossing or brushing.

Propolinse contains special ingredients that will not only strengthen your teeth but also helps in the treatment of certain oral health conditions. Rinsing with it just before bed will protect your teeth from plaque and cavities and your gums stable from gingivitis.