Women Fashion Trend for 2020

Women Fashion Trend for 2020

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” Vivienne Westwood

We must always be heard, valued, and protected. For any woman, born in this world, strong self-esteem is the most important thing. Fashion is an art to express oneself and with Women’s Clothing, you can showcase your personality to the world. As Bill Cunningham said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Women love to buy clothes and it is every woman’s dream is to have a closet filled with clothes in various styles and colors. Wearing the latest trend in fashion can have and significant impact on a woman’s self-esteem. The confidence that comes with fashion and trendy outfits show on your face, it can improve the mood and display your capabilities. Just keep in mind to look for trends that you can easily flaunt. Fashion is something that you should feel comfortable in so don’t follow new trends as long as it makes you comfortable and suits your figure.

Fashion trends change all the time. Wearing clothes depends on the season. We mostly get inspired by what celebrities wear and what we see in fashion shows. If you have looked at your wardrobe and felt like you’re up for a shopping trip, it’s time to get inspired by the fashion capitals’ best street style. There is plenty of looks for everyone’s style from classic pieces to fresh cutting. Get ready with these latest fashion trends to refresh your wardrobe.

Oversized Puff Sleeves

This Victorian-inspiring sleeve provides the impression of a slimmer tail and gives your look an immediate feminine touch. Go for soft colors. It’s also an excellent time to rock this decade-old fashion statement.

The puffy sleeve will modernize a classic style, from the red carpet looks to your not-so-basic white tee. Adding drama and width to your shoulder draws your eyes up and gives a smaller waist illusion. Wear the puff sleeve top with your favorite pair of jeans for an elevated look. For classy office look pair your oversized puff sleeves with a pair of trousers and pumps

Leather Coats

This trend is a must-have for your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with this one. We saw colored leather taking over the runways of Spring 2020, keeping yourself warm and toasty in a fake leather coat when the temperature drops. Real and faux both are going to be one of the biggest ready-to – wear trends 2020.

Hiking Boot with Flowy Feminine Dresses

You need to find fashions that show you confidence in your everyday life. Being trendy isn’t about getting people’s attention and attracting them, it is about how to make your own personality more charismatic. This new trend of chunky boots will help you achieve that chic and classy look.

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Reveal our chic side by pairing a maxi dress with combat boots. After seeing so many pairs on London’s streets styled with feminine flowy dresses or slip skirts, we can say that this new trend is here to stay and rule for a long time.

Slip Skirts

The skirts are in demand again. Add a touch of feminine sophistication with slip skirts to your outfit. You can style them with a basic tee shirt, jumpers, and blouses. So, a satin slip skirt works well with slim-fitting blouses and oversized blazers. Here are a few suggestions to style your satin slip skirts;

  1. The best and simplest outfit would be to pair it with a basic tee shirt and sandals.
  2. Sine bucket hats are in fashion, you can add a little spicy touch by pairing it with a pastel bucket hat.
  3. Pair your satin slip skirt with a matching color crop top.
  4. For more feminine look you can pair it with Bustier and Blazer.

Mini Skirts are also back on the market with a 90’s supermodel feel to it. skirts are extremely diverse and can be paired up with different outfits as needed. You can always pair your mini- skirt with a bright neon t-shirt.

Square Toe Footwear

“I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.” Bette Midler

This trend is all set to become 2020 ‘s biggest trend in footwear. Wear your traditional heels with a new twist of square toe style. It will make your legs appear longer and add a special touch to your whole outfit. Complete your look with this funky and fresh new trend.

Maxi Dresses

According to Diana Vreeland “Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.”

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This is the chicest and easiest trend to rock in 2020. We all amazed how feminine and sultry it looks on everyone. There is nothing more comfortable than a flowy dress in this summer season. This amazing dress can be seen from runways walks to street fashion.

Camel Coat

This undeniably timeless trend is basically adored by everyone from Parisian women to fashion-forward Londoners. The long-served camel coat has long been a key style – probably because it is always in the wardrobe and fits almost any skin tone and hair. The camel coat can be comfortable as well as trendy, adds shape to your bod. You can leave it open as well to reveal your underneath outfit.

Camel color is neutral, so working with it is incredibly easy. You can style it with leather pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses in navy, white, green, or burgundy colors. Camel coat and the gray scarf are the perfect foundation for a totally stylish casual attire. A camel coat and a grey scarf is a perfect combination worth adding into your closet.

Heels paired up with Paints

We get to see this trend a lot in 2020. Pair your ankle heels with cigarette pants or slacks, completing the classy look with the same colored jacket or coat. This new fashion trend is classy and comfortable to carry.

Bucket Hats

The trend for the bucket hat is not yet over probably will stay for this year too. This is the perfect time to take out your bucket hat and make this summer look cool and casual. These hats are very light and versatile. This cool, fashionable accessory gives a whole look to your outfit and is so versatile that it goes with nearly everything. Along with bucket hats, bucket bags are also in fashion. Bucket bag protects your items in style. This trend was originated by Louis Vuitton back in 1932 and this year it made an amazing comeback. These handbags give you a lot of room to keep your things safe while making your outfit look classy and more elegant.

Bermuda Shorts/Short Shorts

Bermuda shorts are very popular among both men and women. They also go by the name walk shorts or dress shorts. The hem is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above the knee and can be cuffed or uncuffed. For most plus-sized women, Bermuda shorts are the most flattering length. They can make your legs appear shorter.

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For a casual and relaxed look, you can try Bermuda shorts and pair them with a white or neutral color top. If you want to enhance your day, wear brightly printed Bermuda shorts and add an identical color jacket to the look. We have seen short shorts making a comeback from Chanel and Saint Laurent runway looks. You can pair them up with a knitted cardigan or a bodysuit. If you have big thighs than high waisted shorts will make your lower body look slimmer and thinner.

Sweater Vest

Vests are one of those timeless pieces of clothing that still seems to be in fashion rend 2020. Vests, in general, are really popular right now, at the same time retro-chic sweater vests, which is also a trend at the moment.

Combine a stylish puff sleeve and a bold sweater jacket. And, to add more glam to complement the style, use metal-reinforced battle boots. In 2020, the Sweater Vest trend replaces the Shrunk Cardigan. These luxury sweater vests are particularly modern thanks to complex patterns and over-dimensional silhouettes. Sweater jackets look just as good with nice blue jeans or trousers, the shirt tucked in and out.

Bra Under Blazer Look

Street-style stars areal over the internet with this new bra under blazer look. This trend has a very sophisticated and sweet vibe.  Leather blazer is one of the more unpredicted additions to the 2020 fashion trend. This high impact phenomenon is expected to hit the mainstream in 2020, as it first became evident last year.

Try all these inspirations taken from runway fashion to street styles and make your daily outfit look classy and fashionable. As Coco Chanel said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”