A Quick Guide to the Electronic Cigar

A Quick Guide to the Electronic Cigar

Many people who previously smoked cigarettes have begun vaping e-cigarettes. Vaping offers numerous advantages, from a more enjoyable experience to controlled nicotine levels and the elimination of tar and harmful chemicals. Cigar smokers are intrigued by vaping, but they want something just as stylish as premium cigars. This is where the electronic cigar comes in. You do not have to sacrifice style and preference to start vaping. There are options for everyone. This article will introduce you to the electronic cigar and how it works.

What Is an Electronic Cigar?

An electronic cigar is a vaping device that resembles a thick pen or cigar and that emits a vapor that is inhaled. This vaporized e-juice contains a solution of nicotine, flavorings, and a few other ingredients. Importantly, you can purchase e-juice with different levels of nicotine. An electronic nicotine delivery system is employed (shortened as ENDS). Electronic cigars simulate tobacco smoking without any combustion. Additionally, the two most harmful components of tobacco, tar and carbon monoxide, are absent from electronic cigars.

The components of an electronic cigar are a cartridge or tank, a power source, an atomizer, and a mouthpiece. They work together to deliver e-liquid in the form of vapor. For those looking for electronic cigars for sale, the electronic cigar from ePuffer is one of the best-selling vapor cigar options on the market.

Electronic Cigar Components

With minor modifications, a rechargeable electronic cigar and refillable e-cigar use the same parts as e-cigarettes. Let’s look at them.

The cartridge: This is the portion of the electronic cigar’s top where a tiny container for a liquid solution containing different concentrations of nicotine, flavorings, and several other ingredients is located. You can fill it with a wide range of e-juice options. The flavor choices are vast, and nicotine levels go from nicotine-free options to strong varieties.

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 An atomizer: This is the heating element made up of a coil and wick that creates the mixture of vapor and flavors you experience from your device. The cotton wick’s purpose is to draw e-juice from the tank. The element that heats the e-liquid to create a vapor is the coil.

Battery: This is the central component of an electronic cigar, and it provides the energy required to heat the coil. It is referred to as a vape device’s power source. To activate the cartridge, you press a button on some batteries. You will breathe in the vapor that is produced as a result of heating the coil. Other batteries can be turned on just by inhaling. These “auto-draw” batteries activate when they detect air being drawn in by your inhalation and heat the vape juice.

The mouthpiece: This is the portion of the vaporizer where you place your mouth to inhale vapor. It contains a filter screen made of a variety of materials. To improve the flavor of your vapor and the comfort of your vaping experience, mouthpieces are available in a variety of shapes.


Now, cigar smokers can enjoy vaping with a fashionable cigar vape pen. Even if you have never smoked a cigar, an electronic cigar is an excellent choice to express your style. Make sure to purchase a quality model from a reputable retailer for an ideal experience.

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