Practical Use of Math Homework in Daily Life | A Detailed Explanation!

Math Homework

The name “mathematics” is a Greek word that means “tendencies to learn.” It is the study of measurements, numbers, and space. Some believe that mathematics consists solely of applying complex formulas and calculations without practical use. But that’s not true. The role of mathematics in daily life is quite significant. But still, students across the […]

The Impact of International Schools in the Future of Learning

International Schools

Introduction As parents around the world are faced with the decision of what kind of school to send their children to, one option that is becoming increasingly popular is attending an international school. International schools offer a unique educational experience and several benefits when compared to traditional schooling. Schools for international students in Singapore are […]

CAHE Hosts 2022 Annual International Forum on Higher Education in Collaboration with HUST

Annual International Forum on Higher Education

The 2022 Annual International Forum on Higher Education, hosted by the China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) in collaboration with Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), has taken place online and offline/ in a hybrid format. Under the theme “Community with a Shared Future for Mankind and Sustainable Development of Higher Education”, the forum […]