Christopher Briney

Christopher Briney

Christopher Briney is only 24 years old, but already he’s been in a hit rom-com and had the lead part in his first movie, which had its opening at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). And he’s just getting started. Briney was born and raised in Connecticut. It was in an acting class that he first realized he loved playing. He learned how to act for movies, TV, voiceovers, and commercials at Pace University in New York.

Christopher Briney began trying out for parts after finishing in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, in the hopes that something would come through. In that same year, he got the part of James in Dalíland, a movie about Salvador Dalí in the 1970s and 1980s. James becomes a helper to Dalí and is thrown into the crazy, shocking, and dramatic events that happen in the famous artist’s life. Christopher Briney got the call that he got the part of Conrad Fisher in The Summer I Turned Pretty, an Amazon Prime series based on Jenny Han’s best-selling trilogy of the same name. He was shooting this movie in Liverpool, UK.

Christopher Briney and the rest of the group became famous right away after the first season of the show aired. It was quickly picked up for a second season, which started filming earlier this summer in Wilmington, North Carolina. In the meantime, Christopher Briney quickly went to Toronto to see the opening of Dalíland at TIFF with the rest of the group. The actor talks to 1883 Magazine about his two projects, his goals, and what’s coming up next.

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