Complete Band 6 Review in 2022

Complete Band 6 Review in 2022

Honor had launched a smart band in 2021, the Honor Band 6, and I was a tad intrigued when it launched. It’s already a challenge to draw the line between a smart band and a smartwatch, however, the Honor Band 6 looks very much like the Honor Watch we tended to review last year, which makes things even more interesting.

Also, the Honor band 6 is completely different in style from its forerunner, the Honor Band 5, with a larger display and an upgraded user interface. the features of the Band 6 haven’t been modified much, which makes this Honor product a pretty complete professional gadget for fitness followers already.

Design and Display

The Honor Band 6 feels very much like the Honor Watch Es, but smaller. It returns in a meteor black color scheme, which is an all-black style with a metal frame, a matte plastic back with a detector inside, and a black rubber strap. However, if you don’t like the all-black color, you will be able to use sandstone grey or coral pink. If you get bored with the colour you chose, you can change the strap from time to time.

The strap also gives an excellent touch. Because the material used is relatively flexible, it feels pretty good overall. One factor I do not like is that the free loop wherever the strap sits has a pronounced protrusion designed to use the adjustment holes to carry the strap in position. that may sound sort of a smart plan, however, it isn’t, and I had to squeeze the ring to stay the strap from getting stuck on that.

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Fitness and Health Tracking

For general health tracking, the Honor Band 6 offers a complete set of options to help you better understand your health. It offers 24/7 health tracking, stress monitoring, sleep monitoring, and SpO2 measurement, just like the more expensive products offered by other brands on the market. In addition to this, Honor Band 6 has a number of other features such as activity alerts once you’ve been sitting for too long and a period monitor designed for women.

Software and Battery Life

Software is another part of what makes the Honor Band 6 feel more like the Honor Watch Es than the Honor Band 5. There are more visual icons on the screen, so the overall feel is more vivid and colorful than the Honor Band 5. Another highlight of this smart band is its incredible battery life. 100% battery will probably last 2 weeks or more at a time.

In conclusion

Honor Band 6 could be a major evolution of Honor smart band, therefore it deserves heaps of credit. It retains the typical small, soft style of smart straps, and it’s still therefore comfortable to wear so that you could almost forget the existence of the strap. Due to the larger display, It’s wider than a typical smart band. The dynamic feel of the large display makes it even more appealing. If you’re looking for an all-around smart band, why not give it a shot?

Avijit Ghosh