How to Check How Old Your Phone is

How to Check How Old Your Phone is

Whether you are buying a second-hand phone or simply curious about how your phone recently goes, you are most likely wondering how long your phone has been running and working in your daily life. However, this could be a bit messy for some people.

It’s not hard to know when a phone was launched, however, knowing when it had been produced is another story. Your device might have commenced on the assembly line a year or more before going in your hand. Each android manufacturer and brand is different. Therefore, there are many things to check to help you know how old is my phone. Read on for more information!

How do I know once my phone was initially used?

You can conjointly check the unboxing date of your android device through the Google Play Store. Open the Play Store settings page on your smartphone. You may see the registration date below the “My Devices” section. This can be the activation date for your android phone.

Check the box

Some makers are friendly enough to print the date of manufacture on a sticker and stick it on the packaging box. Simply flip it over and look for the word “date”. A lot of (newer at least) OnePlus and Motorola phones are printing the data on the box.

Check the settings

Some phones have the manufacturer date stated in the settings. The precise place where it should be varies under the setting, however, it’s always somewhere below “About Phone” or the equivalent.

Some manufacturers can label it clearly or they can fix the problem after hardware revision, however, others sneak it into the serial numbers, which makes it harder for us to work things out.


Try the App Store

Go to Google Play and search for the apps that could help. These apps will extract data from serial numbers, IMEI codes, and alternative things we do not typically perceive. The trick doesn’t always work, it’s value an endeavor though.

Google it

Google is your best friend when you are feeling confused. You can have your serial number or specific model number with the help of google to check how old your phone is.

If this does not work, you’ll at least have a basic concept of the manufacturing date. Of course, it is quite normal if the actual production date is a bit earlier or later than its release date if you got the phone right after it was released. If the manufacturer had freed the phone a year past, it would not be around for over a year.

Look for the manufacturing code

Unfortunately, if all the methods mentioned above couldn’t work, trying manufacturing code is the last measure you can take.

The problem with these codes is that they’re typically not solely OEM-specific, they’ll even be model-specific and the only way to solve the problem is to turn to customer services to look for help.


I hope the article could help you know your smartphone better, as smartphones are playing an important role in our daily life. Do you know how old your phone is? Have a check now!

Avijit Ghosh