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The Legend of Miyue (2015) Episode 1 Full HD VietsubThe film tells about the life of Mi Nguyet from when she was a princess to when she became queen empress, the film is adapted from the novel of the same name (previously called “Empress Dowager Dai Tan Tuyen”) by the writer. Chiang Thang Nam. The novel tells about the legendary life of Mi Bat Tu – the mother of Qin Chieu Vuong. From the name “My Nguyet” found in the ruins of Binh Ma Dung and the title of concubine of Qin Hue Vuong Mi Nguyet found engraved on the tile of the palace A Phong, it is conjectured that Mi Bat Tu is Me. Moon. Mi Bat Tu is the daughter of Chu Vuong, born by a concubine of Chu Vuong. Mi Bat Tu is also called Empress Dowager Tuyen. Legend has it that Mi Bat Tu was cleverer, more cunning than people, in Dai Tan, he took control of the main dynasty, chanting for nearly 40 years. In Chinese history, the title of empress dowager began to appear from her,

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