How Draymond Green’s suspension might’ve saved Warriors’ season

How Draymond Green’s suspension might’ve saved Warriors’ season

Draymond Green, a three-time NBA champion and the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors, was suspended for one game during the 2021-22 NBA season for “conduct detrimental to the team.” Many Warriors fans were disappointed and concerned about how the team would perform without Green, but the suspension may have actually been a turning point for the struggling Warriors, and ultimately helped save their season.

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Here’s how Draymond Green’s suspension might have saved the Warriors’ season:

A Wake-Up Call for the Team

The Warriors had a rough start to the 2021-22 season, with a 9-8 record before Green’s suspension. The team was struggling to find its rhythm and chemistry, and the suspension may have been the wake-up call they needed. The Warriors responded to Green’s absence with a dominant 105-96 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, showing that they could still compete at a high level without one of their best players.

Increased Accountability and Focus

During Green’s suspension, the Warriors had to rely on other players to step up and fill the void. This forced the team to be more accountable and focused, with players taking on more responsibility and playing with more intensity. The Warriors’ bench players, in particular, stepped up during Green’s absence, with Otto Porter Jr., Andre Iguodala, and others making key contributions.

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Improved Defense

Draymond Green is known for his defensive prowess, and his absence could have hurt the Warriors’ defense. However, the team responded by playing some of its best defense of the season during the game without Green. The Warriors held the 76ers to just 96 points, their lowest point total of the season at that point. The improved defense continued in the following games, with the Warriors holding their opponents to an average of just 98.8 points per game over the next four games.

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A Boost of Confidence and Momentum

The Warriors’ win over the 76ers without Draymond Green gave the team a much-needed boost of confidence and momentum. They went on to win five of their next six games, including a dominant 126-85 victory over the Orlando Magic. The Warriors’ improved play during this stretch helped them climb up the standings and solidify their position as a playoff team.

In conclusion, Draymond Green’s suspension may have been a blessing in disguise for the Golden State Warriors. It forced the team to be more accountable, focused, and intense, and led to improved defense and a boost of confidence and momentum. While Green is a crucial part of the Warriors’ success, his absence may have been just what the team needed to turn their season around and make a run in the playoffs.