How many children does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

How many children does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-famous handsome football player from Portugal. Thousands of women around the world dream of such a man. Around any celebrity, there are many rumors, and even more so about celebrities of such a scale as Ronaldo. How many children does the attacker have, and who is their mother?

Personal life

Fans suspected the player of non-traditional sexual orientation. Rumors began because a celebrity’s best friend is homosexual. Later, there was a quarrel on the football field during which the midfielder called Ronaldo a specific word. In turn, the attacker answered with humor, and many decided that he made a kind of confession.

The star had many women. Among them were Jordana, the sister of the famous striker in the past, Mario Zhardela, Karina, who achieved fame in the modeling business through proximity to Ronaldo. A short romance was with a handsome man with a charming model Merge Romero. Gemma Atkinson also received the attention of Cristiano, but the couple quickly broke up. The next passion for the womanizer was Karina Bakki, who often adorned the pages of fashionable glossy magazines. The list can be continued for a long time. The football player is a great connoisseur of female beauty.

First child Cristiano Ronaldo

The famous football player could not find a suitable woman he would like always to see next to him. For this reason, a surrogate mother gave birth to his first child. In June 2010, another Cristiano was born. The attacker decided to call the firstborn by his name. Mother Ronaldo did not look for the soul in her long-awaited grandson. When the boy grew up a little, he became interested in football. Now he is studying at Pozuelo football school.

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The birth of twins

On June 5, 2017, twins were born to Cristiano. Diverse children gave birth to him as a surrogate mother. The star father already had three children, which he was incredibly happy.

The attacker tried to spend all his free time with the children.

Although Mateo and Eve were tiny, Ronaldo did an excellent job: changing diapers and putting the kids to bed.

Georgina Rodriguez and the birth of a daughter

In 2016, fans learned about the football player’s new love, but this time, it became more serious.

Georgina Rodriguez was an ordinary saleswoman in a fashion store, but when he saw her, Cristiano immediately realized that this was his woman. We can say that the attacker fell in love with her at first sight. Even during the acquaintance, the dark-skinned beauty was engaged in dancing and tried to become a famous model, but no one knew about Rodriguez before meeting with the football player.

The mother of the attacker was glad to choose a son and even insisted that the couple legitimize their relationship. In 2017, the chosen one of the football player gave birth to a girl, whose name they wanted for a long time together. The daughter was named Alan Martin.

Today, Ronaldo is the happy father of four children. In an interview, he said that his dream is a family in which at least seven children. The beloved woman supports the football player in everything and is even ready to give him three more children.

Recently, fans of the attacker noticed a wedding ring on Rodriguez’s finger, which means that the wedding is just around the corner.