The Best Entertainment Activities Related to Football

The Best Entertainment Activities Related to Football

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. The passion for football doesn’t limit itself to playing the game or watching competitions on TV, but rather, it englobes a big offer of entertainment possibilities related to the actual sport.

Get to know some of the best games and entertainment activities inspired by football.

Get in the shoes of a football manager

The following games let you experience what it feels like to be directing the faith of a football club from the bench as you’ll take the role of a team’s head coach.

Football Manager is one of the first games to focus on the other side of football. While plenty of games were trying to reproduce what happens on a football pitch, Football Manager revolutionized the gaming industry by proposing a game where you would make all the decisions regarding training, match formations, and squad building. The game became famous for its accurate and extensive database of young starlets. Every Football Manager player ended up being a youth football expert, trying to scout the best of the talent available. 

Soccer Manager 23 is a mobile game that is built on the same principles as Football Manager. With the face of Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta, on the cover, the game wishes to become the FIFA equivalent of manager-centered games. Build your team, and watch it perform on the field.

Get to know the trading cards of the future

Collecting football trading cards has also been a parallel activity for football fans. Just to have an idea of the importance of collectibles, the last World Cup sticker album was so popular in Argentina that every sticker pack in the country was sold out and the sticker company, giant Panini, had issues covering the demand for the trading cards.

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Well, now companies like Dapper Labs are digitalizing football trading cards and have agreed with Spanish LaLiga to release a collectible platform called LaLiga Golazos where users will be able to purchase, sell, and collect legendary moments in the history of the competition.

Sorare is another brand that’s having a big impact in the field of digital collectibles. They offer a blockchain-based platform where players trade football players digital cards. Points are attributed to every player according to their real-life performances on the pitch and blockchain technology allows the introduction of an element of scarcity to every set of cards.

Complement your football-watching experience

Sports betting has existed for as long as the sports discipline was ever played. At the end of the 19th century, bets would be collected in person at every stadium, and thanks to technological developments this evolved today to the point where football fans can place their bets on online betting platforms.

The advantages of the internet make it so that bookmakers have managed to offer odds on a vast array of leagues, from the very top European competitions such as the Premier League or the Champions League to lower leagues in virtually every country in the world.

Fans from Asian countries such as Thailand for example can bet securely on their favorite Italian team on online sports betting platforms, known in Thailand as พนันกีฬาออนไลน์, recommended and reviewed by experts. The amount of bookmakers to choose from has made it practical to have a provider that chooses the best sites and their best offering of bonuses and promotions which can kickstart your experience betting with real money.

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The absolute king of games in football

FIFA is an iconic brand in the gaming world. Since the 1990s, FIFA games have been the leader in the industry. While some editions have proven to be superior to others, they have consistently delivered games of great quality, entertaining millions of fans around the world.

We suggest playing FIFA 23, the most recent installment in the series if you have even the tiniest interest in football. It’s the closest thing to reality that you’ll experience with a virtual game about sports.

This edition includes an enlarged Career Mode in addition to giving the gameplay a much-needed update. Now players will have “Personality Points” which will determine how each player develops. Additionally, EA produced the greatest visuals to date this time around.

And following the growth of the women’s game, FIFA 23 will include the women’s Premier League and Ligue 1.