Price of Disney World tickets in 2022

Price of Disney World tickets in 2022

Are you arranging a trip to the world’s most wonderful location? We have all the information on the cost of a Disney World ticket in 2022, including information on Park Hopper, after-hours activities, and fantastic discounts and promotions.

Prices for Disney World ticket prices start at $109 and reach a high of $159 in 2022. The 6.5% sales tax is not included in this. However, ticket costs might significantly increase if you buy extras like Park Hopper, Memory Maker, or Water Park and Sports.

For those over the age of 10, tickets are priced. Tickets to Disney World for those aged three to nine begin at $104. Anyone under the age of three is admitted free of charge.

Disney World Ticket Price Hikes

We express Disney World ticket prices as a range (US$109 to US$159) as the cost of an individual ticket may fluctuate throughout the day. While Disney advertises that its tickets start at $109, many days start higher.

While it’s always been MO Disney, it’s important to note that Disney ticket price hikes in 2022 will be more dramatic than in previous years. Particularly busy days, such as during the summer months, start at $129 to $139.

And how do we get to the territory of the holiday? Be prepared to pay between $154 and $159 for a ticket on many days, especially on weekends.

2022 Disney World Ticket Prices Breakdown

A standard one-day ticket gives you access to one park. Here’s how much one guest can expect to pay this year for a no-frills ticket to Disney World:

  • Magic Kingdom tickets: $109 to $159
  • EPCOT tickets: $109 to $159
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios tickets: $109 to $159
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom tickets: $109 to $159
  • Typhoon Lagoon tickets: $69
  • Blizzard Beach tickets: $69
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Disney World Ticket Add-Ons

When you buy a ticket, Disney will offer you a bunch of extra options. And depending on how you plan to spend your vacation, some of these, while adding to the cost, can actually add extra value to your experience.

2022 Disney World After-Hours Ticket Prices

Disney World also offers special parties. These hard-ticket events offer guests a unique experience in the parks after they close. Guests can ride some rides with much shorter lines, participate in special cavalcades and parades, receive unlimited free snacks, and sample exclusive premium food and beverages.

The best part about After Hours is that you don’t need a regular entry ticket or Park Pass booking to visit. And you can enter the parks a few hours before the actual start of the event; Think of it as a way to visit some of your favorite attractions (“for free”) before the party starts.

For 2022, After Hours events include:

Disney H2O Glow After Hours: Tickets for Disney H2O Glow are now on sale for the summer weekend at Typhoon Lagoon. Tickets cost $70 per person.

Disney After Hours Boo Bash: Tickets for Boo Bash aren’t on sale yet, but last year the party kicked off well before Halloween on August 10th. Tickets in 2021 varied by date but ranged from $129 to $199.

Disney Very Merriest After Hours: Tickets for Very Merriest are not yet on sale, but last year the party started well before Christmas on November 12th. Tickets in 2021 varied by date but ranged from $169 to $249.