Amazing Facts about Movement in non-verbal Communication

Amazing Facts about Movement in non-verbal Communication

Role of manner of movement in non-verbal communication. No matter how you try to maintain a neutral facial expression. So that others do not guess your mood, body language nullifies all conspiracy ideas. Unless, of course, you are a secret agent in the service of Her Majesty.

So, let’s say you finally found someone in the tinder and agreed on a first date. Dressed up, came to a pleasant coffee shop and sit there waiting for the first meeting, trying to persuade the expression that creeps out from the excitement into a seductively independent poker face. And with a face, it still gone. But it’s not possible to take control of one’s own body, at least crack it. The knee twitches rhythmically (which is common in many emotional situations), the priest will not find an assiduous position, and his fingers tremble slightly. In addition, restless thoughts come into my head that since you powerless to convince yourself of confidence. The rest of the event will not go as planned.


A recent study by the University of Nijmegen, published in the Dutch journal Emotion, confirms that it is sometimes easier to recognize emotions in gestures and movements than in facial expressions. It is worth considering, however, that it is not typical for people to evaluate each other empirically, on personal experience, using (as scientists say) an ascending, or inductive, method of cognition. As a rule, entering into a conversation, we perceive the subscriber’s behavior “according to the available data”, using the deductive or descending method. We expect a certain manner of communication, based on the current idea of ​​the interlocutor.

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Suppose, in the dating scenario that unfolds in your head, you have already decided that you will like the man. Therefore, having met with him, you are more likely to discard some of the qualities that (otherwise) could annoy you. For example, the fact that he smiles is not as charming as we would like. But this is nothing, right? But he knows four languages ​​and who is Taika Waititi.


Scientists also found that the signals of the “social category”, those that determine a person’s position in society, influence the process of perceiving body language. Gender, age, race or status are inseparable characteristics for the perception of the interlocutor and, therefore, emotional self-expression.

For example, representatives of the stronger sex, showing typically “male” emotions, such as perseverance and harshness, are more understandable in interpreting body language than women with the same manners. And vice versa: “female” manifestations of feelings such as coquetry or excitement read faster in the weaker sex than in men.

The same principle is the opposite. If your interlocutor traditionally programmed to see men insistent and women flirtatious. You can go out of your way, depicting a decisive nonsense, he will interpret your body language in a stereotyped way, writing off your painstaking show of unrestrained excitement.

The situation is running, no words. We live in the 21st century, and visually focus on medieval behavioral signals. Since the perception of body language tied to the appearance of gender stereotypes, long hair and dresses automatically transfer your tinder companion to the section of female non-verbal signals. And vice versa – a short haircut, an oversized t-shirt and jeans, perhaps, will confuse him by directing the dialogue into a progressive “upstream” channel.

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There no reason to be upset that it’s easier for people to succumb to stereotypes than to follow the rising principles. Evolution still gaining momentum. Although, of course, it would be cool to manage communication through verbal and non-verbal manifestations, controlling what others think of you. OK, we’ll open access to the weapons of secret agents, more precisely, to the basic tricks.

Remember stereotypical perception and use the skill wisely. So as not to be an “open book” for others and correctly unravel other people’s emotions. Firstly (if you are flattered by the image of a mystery woman) then how you hold your head is no less important than something that is written on your face. Secondly, when reading the signals of others. Do not forget that social standards and life experience interfere with the objectivity of judgments.

And thirdly, returning to the example of the first date, body language is a form of communication that can direct the development of relations in opposite directions: to help or to hinder. Train non-verbal communication, ignoring prejudice and allowing the body to act exclusively in your interests.