You can kill with food

You can kill with food

1. Healthy food exists. There is also harmful food. All the opinions that food is only calories and the essential proteins, fats, sugars, trace elements, are basically wrong. You can kill with food if you ask yourself such a goal and faster than you imagine. For example, malnutrition has a trigger effect for bowel cancer.

2. The less you mess with food during its preparation, the more correct and useful elements remain in it. The whole “high cuisine” is just a variant of masturbation, only in this case, gourmets do not pull themselves for the genitals, but for the taste buds of the tongue. Or did you think that gluttony was just so classified in most religions as weaknesses and sins? No, dear ones, gluttony is a weakness bordering on pathology and sometimes into it, into pathology, passing.

3. Frying foods is possible, but not very desirable. If you fry – then with a little oil, in the right bowl. It’s good to fry meat – it is instantly “enveloped” with a protein film, preserving everything valuable in itself and not giving away this valuable broth; it is better and more correct to grill meat. However, the same meat can be properly cooked or baked – and this will be a healthier food than fried meat. If for some reason you decide to fry vegetables, then it is better to grill them, as well as fish.

4. You can’t eat all meat-like things in smoked, dried, salted, packed in guts and polyethylene form. Of all the sausages, you can eat home-made sausage of your own preparation, and sometimes cooked sausage (but in this case it is difficult to predict the composition of the product). Everything else – all your sausages-sausages-sausages-shanks-briskets-is impossible to eat.

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If you don’t cram something unimaginable into the gut, they will create the effect of smoking with “liquid smoke” – take an interest in its composition at your leisure. Make cold meat yourself – bake and cook. In order to get the right boiled meat, just dip a piece of fresh meat in boiling water – and it will immediately be covered with the same protein film as when frying. When you make cold meat with your own hands, you know exactly what you added there and how safe it is.

5. We never have enough vegetables for proper bowel function. Potato is not considered. We, who live in Ukraine, eat few fresh vegetables, we are not accustomed to the combination “meat / fish + salad – potato”. Our food is the food of hard-working rural residents. We are so accustomed. We have long been living in cities, but still cannot unlearn eating heavy, very satisfying food in large quantities.

6. Porridge is good. Durum wheat pasta is good. Potato is to eat.

7. Pickles is not good. The exception, perhaps – barrel sour cabbage and barrel cucumbers and tomatoes. The rest is not good. All our conservation is a tribute to the malnutrition that we all experienced in Soviet times. Malnutrition has long been replaced by overt gluttony, and canned food is stuck tightly in our kitchen. Actually, there is no particular harm from them, but eating vegetables boiled in vinegar all winter is not useful. If you have the opportunity to buy fresh vegetables and fruits even in the winter season – it is better to prefer this option.

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8. Salt and sugar are flavor enhancers. In addition, sugar is a direct food for the brain, and salt is a hypertensive substance that holds water in the vessels and increases pressure. That’s all. If you want to lose weight – start by refusing these “boosters” of food. Salt the food in your plate, not in the pan, tries to reduce the amount of sugar in all forms, including sweets.

9. Sweets are evil. No “inherited caries” exists. All our “hereditary caries” is the lack of culture to brush our teeth after each meal, to clean interdental spaces with a thread and a special mini-brush, and insanity on sweets, especially in relations between adults and children. We don’t give dogs sweets – we know that it’s bad for dog’s teeth and pancreas. But this does not concern our children. Paradox. In the vase on the table in the children’s room should not be sweets, but fresh fruits and nuts.

10. Snacks are evil, especially crackers, potato chips and peanuts with all kinds of dust. Snacks generally should not exist as a food option, because frequent quick bites are a direct way to functional and organic problems with the gastrointestinal tract. But what they sell to children in stalls cannot even be called food. If your child is crazy about crackers, you need to do them yourself. And at the same time, gradually wean the child from constant chewing of anything – just to chew.

11. Fast food is evil. I do not comment. 12. If you want to drink water. Do not quench your thirst with anything but pure water. Everything else is drunk at a specific time and in a specific situation.

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