What these two Zodiac Signs we should not Marry

What these two Zodiac Signs we should not Marry

He doesn’t want every dreamy family, then a bunch of kids who will happily run around the house and wake mom and dad every morning at dawn. 

There are members of some Zodiac signs who grumble at the thought of chasing, then going to a registrar.

Two characters when it comes to ladies, we do not think about marriage and that is the end of the priorities in their lives, they are Gemini and Aquarius.


A Gemini woman born under this zodiac sign gets married in the thought of being married because she does not want restrictions and obligations in life. She would rather be with a man of her dreams in an extramarital affair than even in the old days with a go-to man.

The biggest fear for Gemini women is that they believe their feelings will change with the marriage and that they will betray their partner because they want freedom, fun and adventure more than anything else in life.


The ladies of this flag never want to be left with a broken heart in their lives. That’s why in 90 percent of cases they leave their partner first. For this reason, they hate the idea of ​​being married. They want to be their own. Independent. Free. They are creators of their own lives and freedoms, but also because most partners believe they are not on the same level.

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