How to Stop Stagnating in your Training?

How to Stop Stagnating in your Training?

If you find you have been stalling in your cycling or triathlon training and you are trying to get yourself out of a rut, here are some tips you can try out. It would also make sense to talk to your triathlon coach for help, or if you do not yet have one, to look for one!

Make your workouts more varied

One common mistake people make when they are training or even just exercising is to fall into a routine that is repetitive and boring. Varying your routine can help keep it interesting. Try out some hills, and swap to flat roads, make some rides longer and some shorter. If you tend to only do road training, try doing some mountain biking or even fixed gear, tandem or track rides.

Give yourself decent recovery time

Sometimes when you are so focused and committed to following your triathlon training plan you forget to listen to your body. When your body is achy and struggling it affects your motivation. Check that you have enough recovery time planned and even if it is not in your plans if your body is saying enough, listen to it. Your body needs to recover properly for your training to be most effective.

Focus your training

If you have a triathlon coach they are hopefully already encouraging this. It is not enough in training to just do what you are good at. You need to mix it up and work on your weaknesses too. Not doing so can lead to you hitting a plateau that you do not know how to overcome. Getting better and faster is not just about doing more training, it is about focusing your training.

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Sign up for an online or in-person event

Signing up for events is a great way to stay motivated and keep things interesting. If you are in a situation where those in-person events are not happening around you right now, look into joining an online club and finding virtual events. Keep things fresh and your motivation improves. You can quickly get yourself out of a rut just by having some social interaction and events to prepare for and look forward to.

Add interval training 

Interval training is a great way to keep things challenging and to get yourself out of a training method that has you heading to stagnation. Using just the same pace every time you are out there is not the best plan for your cycling or triathlon training. Make sure you are properly recovered and then add in some short but intense interval training options. In just a couple of weeks, you will see some good improvement in your fitness and your cycling.


Falling into a cycling rut is a common issue but it does not have to be that hard to fix. Try out some of the ideas above and put them into your triathlon training plans. Talk to your coach and also reach out to the cycling community. Many people will have experienced the same thing or something similar and will have advice to offer that can help you revitalize.