Is it Possible To Conceive a Child During The Course Whit Sporting Stimulants?

Is it Possible To Conceive a Child During The Course Whit Sporting Stimulants?

There are no data showing the effect of anabolic steroids on the health of the unborn child, even in the annotations to the drugs. So, anabolic steroids can not affect the health of the unborn child.

The only thing that steroids can affect, and that is the answer to the second question on this topic, is the ability to conceive (pregnancy) itself.

In women, pregnancy occurs and proceeds at strictly defined levels of hormones and their quantitative proportions. In addition, in different periods and stages of pregnancy, these amounts and ratios differ and should be within normal limits. Therefore, a woman taking steroids will not be able to conceive and have a child.

In men, medication leads to a decrease in the natural levels of all hormones that are responsible for the qualitative and quantitative composition of sperm. As a result, the number of sperm in an anabolic steroid cycle drops to almost zero.

The higher the dosage and the longer the time to take the medication, the more noticeable this reduction. But! Since the number “ALMOST TO ZERO” implies a certain number of active sperm (units in the field of view of the microscope), then we can not talk about 100% protection against conception.

As long as at least one is alive, the probability of conception remains, although the probability is extremely low.

How to store medicines, including those already open?

Outside the refrigerator you can store medicines in the form of tablets, as well as oil solutions for injection within the shelf life (usually 3 -5 years) and in an undamaged package. Exceptions are aqueous solutions, including insulin, growth hormone and chorionic gonadotropin.

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But for a long time, most drugs, including anabolic steroids, are stored in a dark place at low temperatures (2 – 8 degrees). This is the normal temperature and storage conditions of the shelves in the refrigerator.

Almost all drugs are not desirable to be frozen (especially gonadotropin and insulin). After thawing, the oil solutions do not retain their properties and the solutions change.

The properties of the drugs are significantly weakened during long-term (more than 2-3 years) storage.

Although there are cases of excellent preservation of the properties of drugs (especially in the form of tablets) and beyond the expiration date, we advise you not to take such tablets.

In dissolved form, such drugs, which are sold in powder form (chorionic gonadotropin, growth hormone), are stored for up to 5 days (GH), up to 10 days (CG) – strictly in the refrigerator. For more in-depth information you should chek the articles from PharmaGear. In this web store are consultants on this topic who can help you prepare any type of training program.

Storing them at room temperature, as well as in a place that is not protected from light, is fraught with both loss of properties and the danger of rapid multiplication of microorganisms trapped in the solution. As a result, inflammation at the injection site may occur.