How to Choose Eyeliner Color

How to Choose Eyeliner Color

Emphasis on the eyes is one of the most popular techniques in both every day and evening makeup. With the right choice of products, you can draw attention to the eyes and emphasize they’re a natural beauty. And in this regard, eyeliner Colors are truly universal product. With it, you can achieve a variety of effects and easily express your personality.

Black pencil is a good old classic and always a win-win option. However, in our time, even in everyday makeup bright accents are allowed, so why not go beyond? Moreover, with one pencil you can make the eye colour noticeably brighter and more saturated, you need to choose its right shade.

Below we tell you how to choose the eyeliner colors.

How to emphasize brown eyes

With the choice of the color of the pencil, the owners of the brown eyes were most lucky. Here, the matter limited only by your imagination, because almost any shade perfectly harmonizes with brown eyes.

To highlight brown eyes, you can safely take the classic black shade without fear of weighting your eyes. It will make it bright and expressive, but will not overshadow the depth of the natural shade of the eyes. A brow pencil can be used in everyday makeup to create a more natural look.

With brown eyes, burgundy, purple, bronze or emerald shades are harmoniously combined. A blue pencil for brown eyes is a great option. And in all its variations from juicy ultramarine to dark, blue-black. They complement the color of the eyes and at the same time, make the makeup bright and noticeable. Colored arrows for brown eyes are a great option even for every day if you are tired of the classics.

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How to emphasize the blue color of the eyes

The blue shade of a pencil looks the least advantageous with blue eyes. Because it, like blue shades, merges with the color of the eyes and makes them look blurry, not clear and expressive. Although there are exceptions, sometimes even the most unexpected combinations give a cool result. And if you don’t want to take risks, you can use a darker blue instead, for example, a Slide & Stay pencil in Cobalt shade. It harmoniously harmonizes with the dim outline of blue eyes.

Another color of the pencil, which owners of blue eye lemon bristlenose pleco should be wary of, is coal-black. It may be too saturated, and this will make them look heavier or even add age. Try replacing it with a dark brown, like our Loon shade, or, for example, olive. They will add expressiveness to the look, but at the same time retain softness.

And if you want even more bold experiments, you can try pink or golden shades of a pencil. They perfectly emphasize the blue color of the eyes and make it even brighter.

Which pencil is suitable for green eyes

The most suitable color for a green eye pencil is brown. It harmonizes with the shade of the iris, complements it and makes the look deep and expressive. At the same time, the brown tint will not make the look too sharp, even if you draw clear arrows, and in the feathery version, it is suitable even for the most natural makeup.

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A gray or taupe pencil, such as the Robin shade of the Slide & Stay pencil from the Color Salute line, is also suitable for bright green eyes and will not draw attention to itself.

And to create a bolder image, you should pay attention to the purple or golden hue. They will add a bright accent to the makeup and emphasize the color of the eyes.

How to dye gray eyes

A huge bonus for gray eyes is that with different makeup they can acquire a bluish or greenish tint. And here just a lot depends on the color of the pencil.

As with blue and green eyes, in everyday makeup of gray eyes, it is better to bet on a brown pencil to maintain softness. And for those who do not want to give up dark shades, a deep, almost black, chocolate is suitable. He will not burden the gaze of gray eyes while emphasizing them and making them more expressive. Such a pencil is also in the Color Salute line – the Loon shade.

A bronze, olive or gold pencil will make your eyes greener, while dark blue and golden pink will give them light aussiedoodle blue eyes. And for brighter makeup of gray eyes, you can use purple, ultramarine or emerald shade.

We told you which pencil shades are suitable for different eye colors. Now the choice is yours. It limited only by your imagination! Do not be afraid to try new things, add variety to everyday makeup, and the result will exceed all expectations.

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