The Best Bright Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

The Best Bright Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

Almost half of the population of the world has brown eyes. Almost that many people are also not happy with their eye color and wish to have bright blue eyes instead. This is possible through beauty contact lenses. These types of lenses are used to alter eye color and change the entire complexion of your face in a matter of seconds. 

Finding natural blue contacts for brown eyes is easy since it is one of the most sought eye colours. Despite the natural colour of the eye being darker than the lens, icy blue eye contact lenses can definitely make a difference. 

The best bright blue eye contact lenses for brown eyes are lenses that cover the entire part of the iris, which is also the part that gives the eyes their tint. They should be soft to the touch and composed of PolyHema. In addition, they should contain a high quantity of water to ensure maximum quality and perfect fitting with the eye. This is important for coloured contact lenses so that they do not shift and slide of the eye during the day and reveal glimpses of your natural iris. Lastly, the best blue lenses for brown eyes are three-tone lenses, able to provide an ombré effect and a most natural look! 

What to expect from natural blue contacts for brown eyes

The colour brown is a hard one to suppress under bright blue contacts, however, it is not impossible! Depending on the natural shade of brown that your eyes display, the result after contacts will differ from one person to the other. 

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If you have very dark brown eyes, almost resembling a pitch-black colour, then you can opt to experiment with light bright pacific blue eye contact lenses. The extreme contrast of the colour will result in a deep blue expression, perfect for a night out. 

If your eyes are a honey shade of brown, then you can try out some icy blue contact lenses to achieve a Mediterranean-blue eye colour or australian shepherd blue eyes. This is great for everyday use and will give you the charm and attraction you deserve in life. 

If you are looking for a natural look, and have a natural brown or hazel eye colour, you can try out the one-tone natural blue contact lenses and have a bright blue result that does not only look natural but also feel natural when you see your reflection in the mirror brown eyed women lyrics

If you want to experiment some more, the two and three-tone blue lenses will give you a charming and mesmerizing look, awesome for a date night or a party! Also pretty brown eyes lyrics, brown eyes brown hair lyrics, male black hair brown eyes, female black hair brown eyes, i fell into your brown eyes, eyes blue like the atlantic part 2 lyrics.