Top 5 Women Shaving Myths Busted

Top 5 Women Shaving Myths Busted

With lots of information everywhere on shaving, it can be a bit difficult for us to understand what is true and what is not. Listed in the article are ten women shaving myths and facts. Let’s not waste our time anymore and get into the topic now.

  • Myth: 1 – Many people believe that using new razor blades causes cuts or nicks, but this is not true in reality. Remember, it is the old, dull blades that can cause cuts or nicks on your skin. It can cause skin irritation as well, as you have to use it in the same area multiple times to see clean shave. On the other hand, the new blades can glide on your skin surface very smoothly, leaving the skin irritation-free.  
  • Myth: 2 – More than 90% of people believe that shaving can lead to unwanted hair growth. The fact here is, shaving doesn’t make your hair grow faster and thicker. Your hair growth always depends on the hormonal changes inside your body and genetics. The rate of hair growth may also vary in most of the cases. For example, your armpit hair grows very quickly when compared to the leg hair. 
  • Myth: 3 – Many people think that they can share their razors with their friends or mum or sisters or brother. Remember, both men and women will have different razors. Women razors won’t workout for men. Similarly, women cannot use men razors. Using the razors of others can also result in infection. 
  • Myth: 4 – Shaving regularly can fade their tan faster, and this is what many people believe. The truth here is that more you shave the more damage can happen to your skin. The tiny, little hair on your skin acts as a protection on your skin. They protect your skin from dust and pollution. Hence, make sure that you avoid shaving your body parts.
  • Myth: 5 – A lot of people think that it is not necessary to use the shaving cream while shaving. Some people say that a little water and soap are enough for a good shaving experience. Soaps can make your skin very dry and irritated post-shaving. To avoid these experts, recommend you to use the shaving cream for shaving. Shaving creams can keep your skin smooth, moisturised and irritation-free.
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