Everest Base Camp Trek in June july and August

Everest Base Camp Trek in June july and August

Trekking away from the trembling body, with the inquisitive mind and faster heartbeat—what more could you want for? The most amazing, exhilarating, and thrilling walk to the Everest base camp offers you vistas of remarkable land formations and towering hills, particularly Kalapather, the mountain from where you can see Mount Everest in the distance. The area has benefited greatly from global promotion.

June and July have their unique significance and values because they are part of Nepal’s rainy season. The wildlife, hills, villages, vegetation, and animals all accompany you on your hiking adventure. The weather varies depending on where you are, although it usually rains. This month offers the possibility of trekking to the Everest region via various routes. It feels great to invite trekkers to join us on the Everest base camp trip in June and July, as the recent trekker data for those months is remarkable. Making the appropriate preparations and selecting a reliable trekking company are worth it while undertaking the EBC trip.

Trip Highlights:

  • It’s always amazing to walk in Mt. Everest’s footsteps. 
  • a peek at the sun setting and rising from various hills and locations 
  • Exciting journey from Lukla to Kathmandu 
  • Discovering Namche Bazaar, the entryway to the Everest region, with its rejuvenating vegetation and fauna, wild creatures, and flowers.

Weather Condition of Everest Base Camp in June, July

The month has varied weather with a lot of rain. In Nepal, the elevation has a significant impact on rainfall. Rainfall reduces over 3000 m, however throughout this month, it is common below 3000 m. With thunderstorms and lightning, the monsoon season arrives in mid-June and early July. Then, every day, the face of the morning shines brightly in the sky. 
Mid-June to July sees a reduction in rainfall. However, if you plan to walk to Everest Base Camp in June or July, it is advised that you bring a waterproof garment.

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In June and July, the highest temperature is 25°C on bright days; on rainy, morning, and evening hours, the temperature may drop to 15°C. It’s normal, therefore there’s no reason to be concerned. The Everest Base Camp Trek benefits from the temperature. It might get as low as -1°C at night. Calm, you can adapt to any location in the Everest region with ease.

Tips for Everest Base Camp Trekking in June, July

Make a habit of starting the everyday trek early in the morning

In June and July, it rains in the afternoon. An amazing view of the mountain ranges, village sides, high hills, traditional dwellings, and bright sky is available when you start early in the morning. The trek would be hampered by starting around noon, and you might not find someone to assist you in the event of difficulty.

Update yourself with the present weather

Do you know this information about Nepal? The weather is erratic. On occasion, Google makes mistakes. Don’t rely on or believe it. Take care of your feet and continue walking till you reach your target for the day.

Leeches and Mosquitoes disturb you on the trail.

The leeches are really awful. I once spent thirty minutes dancing as a result of it. The bugs are really bothersome. Don’t worry, if you don’t bring insect and leech repellents, they will give you a terrible present that you will never forget.

Go with a Professional Experienced Guide and Porter

For EBC Trek Everybody has a guide with them. However, I’ve discovered that some folks are really inquisitive and go hiking alone. That kind of trekking is risky. Get in touch with us at any moment; we’re available to serve as your guides.