Drink, eat, sleep and swing: 10 tips for bodybuilders and their friends

Drink, eat, sleep and swing: 10 tips for bodybuilders and their friends

If you still didn’t have to go to work, then the life of a bodybuilder would be raspberry!

If you want to get the most out of your workout in the gym, follow these guidelines. And tell them to your friend.

1. The regularity of training

It is necessary to observe the established training schedule. Your quality will be effective if it takes place at the same time.

2. A variety of workouts

Constantly vary the intensity of the training, the number of repetitions, approaches, working weight, etc. This will help to avoid overtraining, injuries, “freezing” on the same results. In adding, variety is an outstanding inducement for development in muscle development.

3. Warm up your muscles before training

Before execution the workout, clearly classify the muscle clusters that will be intricate. Be sure to warm them up. Try to perform exercises with the maximum number of muscles involved.

4. Observe the diet

Anywhere you are, try to eat at least 4-6 times a day without overdoing. This will help maintain a constant level of amino acids and blood sugar. It is unacceptable to start training with a full belly or with an unsatisfied hunger. And you can’t lean on food immediately after training.

5. 30 minutes after the workout, refuel with carbohydrates

Science says that it is during this period of time that the body is able to absorb 2 times more carbohydrates than in the usual state.

6. One hour and a half after training, load with protein

It was at this time that the bodybuilder began to actively replace the amino acids lost during exercise and restore muscle tissue. If you bounce this protein eating, it will gross much lengthier to recover by the next exercise.

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No money for protein? Nothing wrong! You can also prepare a sensible restorative cocktail without it.

7. Know your biorhythms

Each person is individual. With a low “level of energy in the bodybuilder,” one does not have to push oneself with excessive loads. Wait for a full recovery of forces and only then proceed to the previous pace and scales…

8. Observe rest and sleep

Do not forget about the restoration of strength. Do not neglect the rest. A short pause will not hurt you. To refurbish oxygen in the blood, go out into the fresh air throughout exercise, if potential. Go to bed and get up at around the similar time each day. Sleep for at least 8 hours.

9. Do not forget about recovery procedures

Recovery after training is facilitated by procedures such as massages and contrast shower.

10. Avoid stress and enjoy life.

Excessive disturbances reduce the release of testosterone, cortisol, increase blood pressure, inhibit the immune system and do not contribute to recovery. Contemplate, read calm books, make plans and set objectives allowing to your skills.

Concerning workouts do what you enjoy and love — go to outside and see world, the forest, visit, have sex, chat with friends…