How to format a computer and not despair in the attempt

How to format a computer and not despair in the attempt

You have probably experienced these situations before: your computer stops working correctly or does not work directly. You call your colleague, acquaintance or relative who understands of format computer science and manages to solve it.

It is also possible that you are not so lucky (or acquaintances who know about these things) and you have to take the PC to the computer store. You have no idea what they have done to bring your computer back to life, but the important thing is that it is safe and sound.

Luckily the solution of the computer store or your friend is not a complicated process, but if you do not know the steps of how to format a computer it is normal that you have to ask other people for help.

The backup comes first

Typically, when formatting you lose information that we will need later, such as files or programs. To later recover it on our formatted computer, it is necessary to make a backup copy.

From the computer control panel you can configure and make your backup. If you practice Windows as a machine you also have the option to design a restore socket, so that the documents can be restored as they were at an earlier point in time.

You can save the backup to a CD, hard drive or directly in the cloud to install it later. Keep in mind that you have copied or downloaded program settings and other important data that will be lost when the operating system is reinstalled.

How to format a computer step by step

First of all, if your computer is portable you should have it plugged into the power, because if the battery runs out while formatting, the process will be interrupted.

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Now, we describe step by step how to do it:
  • If your PC has a program to create system installation copies or you have already created them on a CD, it will give you the option to reinstall it. The latest versions of Windows have what is called Windows Recovery, to perform this process.
  • Insert the system installation disk or start the Recovery program. With the program you can have the option of installing the factory system or at a certain time, as indicated above.
  • Then the driver will ask you which hard drive you need to select to install on the system. It is suggested to select the primary partition of it.
  • Then the partition will begin to be performed and then the system copy. You can configure the files you want to delete the ones you are going to keep.
  • Now the PC will continue copying the files you have wanted to save and deleting those that you have not, after this it will restart with the new operating system installed.

The most current computers, especially laptops, are increasingly easier to format thanks to these data recovery and installation programs, so anyone can do it, too, in a very short time. Other useful tips may be to investigate the recovery program of the operating system and data your computer has, and what formatting procedure is easier for you.