Take advantage of the holidays and train

Take advantage of the holidays and train

The fact of not having to go to university does not mean that you should stop training.

  • Training today guarantees a better job tomorrow.
  • Young students should take every opportunity that presents themselves to acquire new skills.
  • Only those who prove to be more qualified will succeed in the labor market.

The fact that you do not have to go to university does not mean that you should stop your training, but quite the opposite.

Yes, we know that the advantage of the holidays are planned to rest, and that you have it well deserved after a year of much effort. But if you apply and organize your vacation as you should to get the most out of it you will see that with a little more effort you can achieve great results.

With the growing competition that the labor market demonstrates every day, you should be clear that only those best trained professionals will be able to stand out and access the best employment opportunities. If you want to be one of these professionals, there is no time to lose; you can take a vacation when you have a solid professional profile that allows you to access a good job.

What can you do during the holidays to train? We give you some ideas!


Reviewing what was learned during the year to consolidate it is undoubtedly an excellent idea. In this way, when the next year of studies begins, you will have the clearest concepts and it will cost you less to get used to the routine of studying again.

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It is clear that you hardly manage to review everything, but it is not necessary that you learn it as if it were an exam, but that you dedicate your free time to slowly read the concepts that will facilitate your entrance to a new academic year.

Build a CV

Even if you don’t want to look for a job, vacations are an excellent time to take the time to  translate all your skills into a resume or professional resume.

This exercise will allow you to know your strengths and weaknesses, and create an overview of the status of your professional profile. Once you have it, you will know what knowledge you should try to obtain this year to achieve a more complete work profile.

Take online courses

The courses free online are the perfect way to acquire new knowledge without leaving your home, and last but not least, you can back it up with certificates of the best universities in the world.

During these holidays, explore the offer of higher level educational platforms such as edX and Coursera, where the best universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Latin American countries offer their courses.

Select the knowledge you want to acquire and divide your time to take these courses. Have you been interested in any of these proposals? They may not be what you planned for your vacation, but once you meet them you will see how each of them can bring a different and positive value to your professional future.