Can My Company Set my Vacation Calendar?

Can My Company Set my Vacation Calendar?

Holidays are a worker’s right but, in some cases; their establishment can bring conflicts in the company to set vacation calendar.

  • The laws establish the reasons why a worker can take vacations and the terms associated with them.
  • It is the responsibility of each worker to know their rights and the laws that protect them.
  • For companies it is not easy to face the holiday season and its consequent lack of staff, so they must firmly organize their calendar.

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As a worker, you wait patiently for the year to have the right to your vacation the following year. When that moment comes, all you want is to enjoy and finally rest from the time in the office. However, not everything is so simple.

Just as on a personal level each worker plans their vacations, companies must do it at the level of the entire workforce. This implies checking that the most important positions are filled even in the summer seasons when it is more frequent for workers to request their statutory rest.

There are two basic paths for any company that wishes to avoid incomplete homework problems because vacation of calendar: organizing work in advance, so that the decrease in the number of workers in the office is not a problem; u organize workers’ holiday calendars. And yes, the law protects them with this action, however striking it may be at first.

How is the holiday calendar defined?

The worker must submit to the company a written proposal, or at least, an email indicating his idea for this time. The company must analyze whether this decision conforms to it or if it wishes to make some modifications.

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In essence, vacations are achieved through an agreement between both parties. Sometimes this agreement implies that the worker commits himself to advance part of his work to try that the company does not suffer in his absence, but this is not regulated by any statute, but simply corresponds to a practice valued as positive within the field labor.

If the agreement is not reached and the parties do not reach a common date, it is the company that has the power to define the worker’s vacation.

At first glance it can be an authoritative practice but, generally, both the worker and the company seek to make this moment a simple procedure with which an agreement is reached that meets the wishes of the worker and impacts the company as little as possible.

Precisely, one way to achieve this agreement in an agile way and get the holidays at the moment you want is to go ahead and present an organized planning with time. Leaving it to the last moment will only increase unnecessary conflicts and exchanges that can have a direct impact on the office’s climate.