Make Your 2022 New Year’s Wishes with VOOPOO UK Together

Make Your 2022 New Year’s Wishes with VOOPOO UK Together

As we headed into 2021, the world was full of challenges and difficulties, but also and more importantly, full of hope. We had COVID to tend with, as well as, lockdowns, isolation, time away from loved ones, quarantine, testing etc. But vaccines presented a cause for optimism and allowed us to resume some aspects our lives, only for Omicron to arrive, with another threat. In this fight against the COVID, mankind has fully demonstrated advanced science and technology, group wisdom and cooperative spirit. We firmly believe that mankind will eventually defeat the virus.

As we look forward, the bell of the New Year is well and truly ringing. Join VOOPOO UK to welcome a new beginning in 2022, and let’s enjoy a healthier and better life together.

As a well-known Vaping brand in the UK, VOOPOO is in a leading position in the market, with its sales doubled in 2021 and its UK headquarters opened in Manchester. This has allowed VOOPOO to add localized sales, brand, marketing, GTM, channel, retail and supply positions which will not only allow VOOPOO to provide a better service but also allow VOOPOO to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the UK market and it’s demands.

In terms of products, VOOPOO continues its positioning of high-quality and premium, bringing various series of products to the market and our customers, Drag S/X Pro, Drag 3, Vinci 2/X2, Doric 60, TPP-X, PNP-X. Through the year, VOOPOO’ve ramped up our efforts in the MTL (mouth-to-lung) category, VOOPOO has launched Drag Nano 2, Vinci Pod, Doric 20 and Seal. VOOPOO’s pod products are easy to use, leakage resistance and high performing. These key attributes are required to make the best quit-smoking tool, which is deeply loved by the market. GENE series chips are the cornerstone of the smart, reliability and stability of VOOPOO products, such as Gene tree, Gen.TT, Gen.Fan.

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In order to help more smokers understand vaping and try to quit smoking, VOOPOO promoted quit-smoking through various marketing activities throughout the year.  VOOPOO ’ve visited many high streets and conducted marketing activities across 100’s of sites right across the UK during 2021. VOOPOO ’ve been working with key partners across the supply chain to reach vapers and smokers to help them make the switch to the best, most user friendly devices available currently. To celebrate Christmas, the VOOPOO team is also sending New Year’s gifts and blessings to shops and smokers to encourage quitting smoking. During this campaign, the team ’ve visited shops across London, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.

Aim to spread some Christmas cheer and take care of the retailers by showing VOOPOO ’s appreciation of their support, trust and love. The team took this chance to send VOOPOO-care gifts to the retailers and the consumers. Furthermore, VOOPOO never miss an opportunity  to discover and learn about the market and this exercise gave us an opportunity to learn different ways in which to service them better in 2022.

Some examples of wishes stores made.

VOOPOO has always been at the forefront of creative and innovative vaping technology.  Our aim is realized day by day as we get closer to reaching a smoke-free society and everyone enjoying a healthier life.

In 2022, What will be your New Year’s resolution or wish? Health, happiness, COVID disappearing, or quit smoking?

VOOPOO UK’s wishes are:

  • The virus disappears and people return to a healthy and happy life;
  • Continued innovation and provide smokers with better quit-smoking tools to help quit;
  • Contribute to the 2030 smoke-free goal;
  • Create more employment opportunities in the UK;
  • Support and take social responsibility;
  • Use our UK team to serve our partners better right across the supply chain;
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Please make a new year’s wishes for yourself! VOOPOO UK is with you, and let’s make tomorrow better together!

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