Predictions for 2023: Can it Really Come True?

Predictions for 2023: Can it Really Come True?

Prophecies and predictions for 2023 can be scary because they often refer to irreversible destruction, World War III, and even the world’s end. If you are wondering about all these issues, see what people with the gift of prophecy have to say.

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Of all the prophecies available, I have chosen the most interesting ones for this article – which we should all know. Use the list below to get acquainted with what may happen soon. Remember that this information is worth exploring further using various sources.

And one more thing. At the end of this article, I have included information that is very important in any prophecy about the future. Remember to read it.

Will the end of the world come in 2023?

The end of the world is an obsession of all generations – both previous and present. People almost instinctively feel that the direction in which their civilization is heading is wrong.

However, the predictions about the end of the world are correct. Our world will end someday. There is no doubt about that. But will that happen in 2023?

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As the following visions of the future show, in 2023, we should not expect an end but rather a new beginning – something unique that can give us hope for a better future. A new social system will likely emerge, and perhaps even the Age of Enlightenment will begin.

So first of all, I’d like to reassure everyone. The world will not end in 2023. This is my opinion based on astrology and numerology. So you can sleep peacefully. Our world is not about to end yet.

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Of course, you don’t have to believe me. You may prefer to trust one of the prophets below. They are much more competent than me. I’m just a humble astrologer. In addition, I only have a few admirers, let alone followers.

Predictions for 2023 (Adam A.)

Regarding 2023, I interviewed my clairvoyant friend Adam A. (find out more about him by reading the clairvoyant interview ). He told me many interesting things about the future. Although it was not pleasant to listen to, it is worth having this knowledge.

In this part of the article, I present Adam A.’s predictions about the world. On the other hand, visions relating to Poland can be found in a separate entry: Prophecies for Poland for 2023.

Crises in 2023

  • In 2023, a global economic crisis will affect all countries, although some will do surprisingly well (e.g., New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland). The increase in unemployment will be very painful. Against this background, there will be great social unrest – not only in poorer countries but also in the USA and the European Union.
  • The biggest problem in the world in 2023 will be energy. The deepening instability of the system will upset the fragile balance between the countries cooperating. There will be a conflict (not military action) that cannot be resolved quickly.
  • The deepening of the problems in African countries will increase migration movements. There is one country in Africa that can lead by example. If others start to follow him, the entire continent will have a chance to enter the path of positive change in 2023.
  • The collapse of the giant: Russia is a country that will experience one of the greatest crises. There is a considerable probability that… it will cease to exist. The liberation movements of individual regions have been growing in strength since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, and in 2023 there will be culminating changes that will seal the fate of Russia.
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Climate in 2023

  • In 2023, it will become clear that most of the climate reforms introduced so far have yet to improve the situation. On the contrary, people will now experience even more dire consequences of climate change. Many people will die.
  • There are ideas on how to solve the climate problem. They are known at the highest levels of power, but there is no sincere will to implement them. And now it’s the last bell.
  • Something disturbing is about to happen near the Yellowstone volcano caldera. There will be no fatalities, but this event could (and should) become a turning point in the fight against the climate crisis.
  • The great flood in the United States will destroy a large city. Previous warnings will be ignored.

World War III in 2023

World War III is a very complex topic. According to Adam A., there will be no outbreak of a global military conflict. Nevertheless, in 2023 we will face what can be described as a hybrid war. It will take place primarily at the economic and political levels. It is not about conquering certain territories but about fighting for influence. Unfortunately, in 2023, these activities will intensify.

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Three mysterious visions that seem to be related to global hybrid warfare:

  • When one country is freed from the lie, the other will be enslaved to such an extent that its citizens will start fighting among themselves. This situation will also affect other countries because there will be unprecedented violence.
  • Green eyes look at Europe. They belong to a man who has no soul (perhaps it’s about conscience – ed.) – his actions will shock the world’s public opinion, but no one will stop him.
  • Great evil will reveal itself when least expected. The forces that will fight him will prove weak, but they can win if they do not doubt their own cause.

Consciousness in 2023

The societies of many regime countries will rebel even more than in the previous year. People are fed up with dictatorial governments (both secular and religious).

  • At the beginning of the year, the government in one of the Muslim countries will be overthrown. If the right people take power, liberation movements may also strengthen in other countries. The year 2023 is a turning point for Muslim societies.
  • Evidence of what goes on behind the scenes at the Vatican will be revealed. The great disgrace of the pope (not necessarily the current one). The Catholic Church will be in the greatest crisis since its founding. What happened in previous years will seem only a prelude.
  • The increasing importance of the Internet as a medium providing information. The ability to search for reliable information portals will become essential for exploring the world.
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2023: Prophecies for the world

I present the most exciting predictions for 2023. You’ve come to the right page if you’re wondering what’s in store for us this year. Check the world’s future and learn about the changes approaching. The year 2023 may be significant for the further fate of humanity.

Nostradamus about 2023

Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566) was a French apothecary and famous clairvoyant. He published a collection of prophecies that became famous all over the world. Nostradamus is best known for his book Les Propheties ( The Prophecies ), first published in 1555.

Nostradamus predicted in his book a great and long war that would affect the whole world. It will start in 1995 and last for 27 years (i.e., its culmination in 2022 or 2023). Then the Reformer of the World will appear and fill the earth with peace and justice. At this point, a new era will begin.

According to some researchers of the predictions of Nostradamus, the following will happen in 2023:

  • The American Civil War is set to break out in early 2023, mainly due to poverty and political instability.
  • Destruction of a Great Empire – perhaps this is about Russia or China. In this regard, there is a high probability of a global catastrophe that will cause a massive number of victims.
  • European countries may face depopulation caused by the use of chemical weapons or conflicts related to nuclear weapons.
  • In his book, Nostradamus also mentioned the possibility of World War III, which is expected to happen between 2022 and 2023.
  • Vladimir Putin will be assassinated (betrayed by someone close to him), and Joe Biden will suffer from a mysterious disease.
  • The massive financial crisis in 2023: A short-term but substantial drop in the most famous US stock market index earlier this year will have global effects.
  • England will have a new king.
  • New Pope in the Catholic Church – Experts believe that Nostradamus referred to Pope Francis in quatrains 2.97 and 5.31, where he predicted his death. The new pope will cause a crisis in the Catholic Church that will last until 2029.
  • Americans will face an immigration problem, and terrorist attacks will become more and more frequent.

Bashar o 2023 Roku

Bashar, a multidimensional entity from the future, informs us that 2023 will be the end of a 40-year cycle in which Bashar has been channeling people through Darryl Anka.

When the Cycle of Constraints ends, we will all enter a New Golden Age of cooperation with extraterrestrial civilizations. The way of contact will change and have something to do with those already in sync with the frequency of contact.

Bashar says about 147 civilizations in the cosmos are watching Earth very closely and that in 2023 people should focus on preparing for more direct contact.

Baba Wang about 2023

Baba Wanga (1911-1996) was a blind mystic who became extremely popular for her accurate predictions. When she died, crowds came to her funeral. She predicted many events correctly, such as World War II and the September 11 terrorist attacks in the USA. Concerning the year 2023, Baba Vanga predicted that it is at this time that the Earth’s orbit will change.

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Mayan prophecies for 2023

In The Mayan Prophecies: Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization, by Adrian G. Gilbert and Maurice M. Cotterell, we can read that most likely in 1503 or 1507, the Mayans went to their Temple to appease the demon not to destroy the world for the next 520 years. This gives us a time range from 2016 to 2023 – according to the authors, the period when the world as we know it is supposed to end.

Cassandra’s prophecy

Bible scholar Ian Gurney wrote a book in 1999 called The Cassandra Prophecy: Armageddon Approaches. In it, the author claimed that Judgment Day would come in “less than 25 years.” He came to this conclusion by interpreting the book of Revelation, Daniel’s story, and several other Bible prophecies.

Wayne L. Atchison o 2023 Roku

Wayne L. Atchison 2010 published a book entitled 120 Jubilees – Why 2023 Could Be the End of Days (Available on Amazon). It is a work showing the historical timeline of the Jubilee Cycle that began at the moment of Creation.

Using only verifiable historical records, the author reconstructs the jubilee cycle used throughout history to record events. Evidence is included in the book that Genesis 6:3 and Daniel 9:24 are prophecies relating to the Jubilee cycles. The final cycle ends in September 2023.

Bill Joy’s Predictions

Bill Joy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, predicted that the end of humanity would occur in 20 or 30 years. He wrote about it in an article published in ” Wired Magazine ” in 2000. According to Bill Joy, cutting-edge technologies – such as robotics, genetic engineering, or nanotechnology – could lead to the extinction of humanity in just such a time frame.

Although Bill Joy was not a clairvoyant, his words are worth mentioning here. As a curiosity.

The Second Coming of Jesus in 2023

That’s right. Christians still await the return of the Savior to Earth. Many prophecies regarding the arrival of the Last Reformer of the World mark the year 2023 as the moment of the Second Coming. Here is some information about it:

in 2023, the so-called One World Religion – this means universal cashless payments with a chip (Mark of the Beast), without which no one will be able to buy or sell anymore;
in 2023, Daniel’s biblical prophecy regarding the Third Temple in Israel will be fulfilled;
in 2023, two witnesses will appear on the streets of Jerusalem for 1,260 days, warning people to repent and trust in Christ.
It is worth noting that the so-called Tribulation period is to last precisely 2520 days (divided in half, 1260 days each), during which all the plagues of Revelation will be fulfilled.

How to change the future in 2023?

In conclusion, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the dire predictions for 2023 may not necessarily come true. Remember that humanity has repeatedly proven its strength and courage in pursuing a better future. We can still change everything because the upcoming events are still being determined.

Avijit Ghosh