The Mattress Decision

The Mattress Decision

The right mattress is up to you and your preferences, sleeping habits, budget, etc.

It’s certainly a long-term investment so before you finalize a decision – it helps to know the top options and their features. The latter is best done at mattress stores where you can try different types out.

We list the major pros and cons of three popular mattress types:

● Rolled/Bed-in-a-Box

● Gel-Hybrid

● Luxury Pocket-Sprung

1. Rolled/Bed-in-a-Box Mattresses


Convenience – Rolled mattresses are sent right to your door, so you don’t have to go to a store/carry a big mattress around.

Affordability – Their overhead costs are lower than those of traditional stores, so online stores usually offer better prices.

Sleep Trials – Some stores let you try out a mattress at home before making a decision with many companies marketing free sleep trials.

Variety – Customers can pick from memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring materials in rolled mattresses to suit their needs.


Testing Limitations – If you can’t try out the mattress in person before buying it, you might not like how it feels or how firm it is.

Off-Gassing – When you first open a compressed and packed mattress, it might smell a little funny. That’s normal but not good for people with allergies.

Durability Concerns – Rolling mattresses might not last as long as regular mattresses, especially ones made with foams that are not as dense.

Return Logistics – It might be hard to return a rolled mattress, and you might have to pay extra.

2. Gel-Hybrid Mattresses


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Pressure Relief – Gel-hybrid mattresses have layers of memory foam that mold to your body, helping to align your spine and relieve pressure points.

Temperature Regulation – Regular memory foam gets hot when you sleep, but gel-infused foam cools you down before you do.

Motion Isolation – This mattress is great for couples or people who share a bed because the foam layers soak up and lessen motion transfer.

Edge Support – The strong edge support of the innerspring coils lets you use the whole sleeping surface comfortably.


Higher Cost – Gel-hybrid mattresses usually cost more because they are made with more advanced materials and construction methods.

Weight – When foam and coils are mixed together, these mattresses can get heavy and hard to move or turn.

Potential Off-Gassing – While they are decompressing, gel-hybrid mattresses may give off a short-term smell, just like memory foam mattresses.

Limited Customization – Gel-hybrid mattresses might not be as customizable as traditional innerspring mattresses.

3. Luxury Pocket-Sprung Mattresses


Customizable Comfort – High-end pocket-sprung mattresses come in different levels of firmness and can be changed to fit each person’s needs.

Breathability – It helps keep your body at the right temperature while you sleep because the coil design makes air flow better.

Durability – High-quality pocket-sprung mattresses can last for many years if they are taken care of properly.

Edge Support – The strong coil system supports the edges well, making the sleeping surface as useful as possible.


Higher Price Point – These mattresses are usually some of the most expensive because they are made with high-quality materials and a solid structure.

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Weight – Especially in larger sizes, luxury pocket-sprung mattresses can be very heavy and hard to move or turn.

Potential Noise – Light sleepers may find that the noise or squeaks that the coils make over time are annoying.

Limited Contouring – Even though pocket-sprung mattresses are supportive, they might not mold to your body as well as foam or hybrid models.

Trying out different options in a store can help you make up your mind if you are unsure about which mattress to buy from the above three types.

A pocket spring mattress is very supportive and lets air flow, while a gel-hybrid mattress cools you down and relieves pressure. Rolled or bed-in-a-box options are easy to use and typically come with free trials of sleep.

Bed Store in Manchester provides mattresses and beds, including pocket spring, memory foam, gel, hybrid designs, etc. Their convenient delivery and trial services help you find the perfect mattress for your needs.