The Movie & The Gentlemen Tracksuit: Both Are Awesome!

The Movie & The Gentlemen Tracksuit: Both Are Awesome!

If you’re a movie buff and are looking for something entertaining to watch this weekend I suggest you take some time out for yourself and download or purchase The Gentlemen, and believe me, you will never regret setting aside around 1 and a half hours of your busy schedule for this movie.

The Gentlemen is one of the very few international standard movies that got exceptionally famous in the year 2019 and 2020 onwards. 

The movie was released in December 2019 and went on to gain unmatched success into the following year, 2020, when most moviemakers and producers had already stopped working on their on-going projects due to the Corona virus pandemic.

The movie is basically weaved around the genres of comedy, crime action, thriller and adventure, suspense and mafia drama. It’s like all in one. There’s great action and suspense along with humor and fun. I am going to let you know what the movie is like and which are the main characters, so stick with me.

And, don’t worry it’s not a spoiler and I’m in no mood to reveal the ending and destroy the suspense for you!

The Technical Stuff First!

First let’s talk about all the technical stuff, like who’s the director and who wrote the script and all that, you know. So The Gentlemen premiered in December 2019 at Curzon Mayfair Cinema and the movie released worldwide in January the next year. 

This comedy crime masterpiece was produced, written and directed by a single person, the one man army called Guy Ritchie. Richie is an English film writer, director and a top businessman. He is mostly famous for his films in the crime genre, for instance he owns the Sherlock Holmes franchise. Guy took some help from Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies; both are great names in the British film industry. 

The movie was distributed by Mirama: that’s an American entertainment company famous for its distribution of high standard, top class movies all over the world. 

What’s the Story?

The plot is pretty simple and easy to catch, and although it’s a crime movie it’s not that difficult to understand. You can just sit back and let the movie run and it will get into you on its own. The script goes like this:

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The story is about a billionaire drug lord Mickey Pearson, an American marijuana dealer settled in London who now wants to sell off his million dollar worth highly profitable business. As the news of his looking to cash out his huge empire goes around it attracts a number of scammers and schemers who are looking to snatch the business away from him. 

As the word gets out a series of shady plots, plans and evil scheme cook up turning everything into a chaos. The schemers use blackmail, bribes, threats and what not, to steal the huge marijuana business from the man, Mickey Pearson. Will the drug lord give in to the pressure or will the scammers see the consequences and face the music?

Well, that’s the basic theme of the script, and doesn’t it sound just so exciting?  There’s a lot more to it which, as promised earlier, I’m not going to reveal. 

Let’s Meet the Characters…

OK Now, let’s talk about the main characters and the cast; it’s going to be so much fun. Just keep reading… 

1- Matthew McConaughey as Michael ‘Mickey’ Pearson

Mickey, the king of the jungle, is the main character around whom the entire script revolves. He owns a huge empire of marijuana that he’s looking to sell. He has a charming personality, has a very powerful voice and fits the bills too well. He looks like a real mafia man, with all the suits and coats that he wears.

The role is played by Matthew McConaughey, a famous American actor known for his films like A Time to Kill, The Newton Boys, Frailty, The Lincoln Lawyer, and other. He was born in 1969 in Texas, United States.

2- Charlie Hunnam as Raymond Smith

Raymond Smith is the right hand man of the drug lord Mickey. Raymond has got a calm and composed stature and keeps his cool no matter what. He is also very smart and dresses in an outstanding way. The character is played by the famous English actor Charles Hunnam. 

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Hunnam is known for his roles in the movies and TV series like Undeclared, Green Street, The Lost City of Z, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Abandon, Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim, Papillon, etc. 

3- Michelle Dockery as Rosalind Pearson

Rosalind is the wife of Michael Pearson, the street smart Essex girl. She is too sharp minded as her husband and her character is more about clothes and luxe dresses than anything else. Being the wife of the drug lord she is decked out like a queen all the time. 

Rosalind is played by the very beautiful and stunning Michelle Dockery. She is a British actress who has been nominated for a Golden Globe award for the Outstanding Lead Role in the drama series Downton Abbey. Michelle was born in December 1981 in London, England.

4- Colin Farrell as Coach

The character of Coach is pretty interesting too. It’s an amusing man, a thug, a coach to the young thugs and criminals of London. Among his students are mostly men of color. The role is played by Colin Farrell, an Irish actor, who has appeared in several drama series and films.

Colin was born in Dublin, Ireland, in May 1976. He has worked in super hit movies like Phone Booth, S.W.A.T, The Recruit, American Outlaws, Tiger land, The War Zone, Daredevil, etc. 

5- Henry Golding as Dry Eye

Dry Eye is a Chinese gangster, and he’s too interested in Mickey’s property. The role is played by Henry Ewan Golding. Henry is a Malaysian actor, model, and TV host. Henry has also been a presenter on BBC and is known for his roles in the movies like Crazy Rich Asians, Last Christmas, A Simple Favor, The Gentlemen, etc.

He was born in February 1987 and has lived in England for the most part of his life. When he turned 21 he moved to Kuala Lumpur to pursue career in hairdressing. 

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6- Hugh Grant as Fletcher

Fletcher is one of the most crucial characters in the movie. He is basically the narrator of the story and a private detective who sets out to blackmail and snatch the empire from the Michael from under his nose. He indulges in evil and conniving plans to get his piece out of the millions of worth business deal. 

The role is played by the very talented and equally handsome British actor Hugh Grant. Grant has been rated as one of the most famous and highest rated actors in the modern times. He has also received a British Academy Film Award and Golden Globe Award for his roles in top tier British movies.

The movies he has worked in include Love Actually, Cloud Atlas, Notting Hill, Two Weeks’ Notice, Music and Lyrics, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and many others, with my hoe remix lyrics, courtney tillia nude, rod wave girl of my dreams lyrics, i am the globglogabgalab lyrics, lil baby grace lyrics, yrn lyrics.

Luxury Outfits from The Gentlemen

Apart from all the lovely characters and super cool actors the film got famous for one thing most… Do you know what it is? That’s the Gentlemen outfits, coats and The Gentlemen Tracksuit which got pretty famous all over the world for their classy looks. 

And, more than anything else the fans have been dying to get their hands on one of the outfits worn by the top-class actors and actresses featured in the movie.

If you’re looking for the Gentlemen merchandise, don’t worry you can pick up any outfit of your choice here, and a huge discount will be offered to you on an instant purchase. Also, no matter which part of the world you are in, the delivery is absolutely Free of Cost… 

So, enjoy the movie and enjoy shopping!