5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for an Alcoholic Weekend

5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for an Alcoholic Weekend

Tipplers don’t mind Alcoholic Weekend blasts. A gentleman drinker would consume alcohol occasionally. Meeting friends, a small get-together, or just a chill-out weekend gathering could be good enough to trigger a weekend binge. The million-dollar question remains, how to prepare for an upcoming alcoholic weekend. 

Let us take the onus of preparing you for one before it gets you on the brink of repentance. The immediate unpreparedness fallout could be a severe hangover that may spoil your next day at work. The best way to prepare is to prepare well in advance. Chalk out a plan beforehand to avoid an ordeal. 

  1. Get yourself enough rest before and after the D Day.

A Day Before

Plan the day before and after the weekend binge. If you know the schedule, you will have time to rest before the day of the party. On the day of the party, you may not get adequate sleep. Try to sleep early as you may get caught until late in the night dancing or playing a few odd games with the host’s aunt. Drinking gets into the way of Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M) sleep

A Day After

Take off from work the next day after the party. Don’t be a superman at the office after limitless drinking on the previous evening. The best day to do such a party is when you have an extra day to rest after the party night. If the projects are of super importance, one must avoid taking them up on the next day at the office. Consider taking a half-day at the office or leaving early from the office.

  1. Give your body the time to recover.
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Drinking beyond your capacity will affect the cognitive side of your brain. You cannot focus, decide, solve problems, and execute complex tasks after the party night. The alcohol testing comes positive in the blood until about 48-72 hours of consumption, after which it excretes from your body. 

Take breaks during odd weekends if you have alcoholic weekends all week of the month. Designating one weekend as an ensuing alcohol-free week would go a long way to bring the body back on track. The alcohol testing positiveness can be mitigated by giving your body the required break after a weekend binge. Recommended recovery time is 48-72 hours to excrete the alcohol out of the body.

  1. Have a sumptuous meal before the party.

Alcohol creates havoc on an empty stomach. It reaches your brain faster with every sip. To combat, keep your stomach full before the party begins. Make it a point to take a sumptuous meal before leaving for the party. This will trigger the slow absorption of alcohol in your body. Healthy diet intake before heading for the party prevents you from getting drunk as fast. Once the body finishes metabolizing the food, it will metabolize all the alcohol, eventually. 

You will still enjoy the alcohol but at a slower pace. The sumptuous meal may include any food which is slow in digesting and high in protein. Some recommended food items are bread, meat, cheese, pasta, and milk. Remember to give enough gap between the meal and your first sip of the drink. By the time the body will absorb protein from the food that helps you manage the alcoholic influence on your body and mind.

  1. Have a checklist in place
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Plan on certain critical aspects before the night you go out for a weekend booze party. Make sure you check each item on the list before stepping out. For instance, avoid the food at the bar. Instead, carry snacks from home for healthy munching. Avoid taking valuables if the party is organized in a crowded bar. Keeping track of your valuables could be difficult under the influence of alcohol. 

Before heading to the party, arrange return transportation. Drink & drive is a crime in most country’s drive books. Book a chauffeured transport to reach home safely. At the bar, moderate the pace of the drinking frequency at the party. Don’t drink too fast and too much at once. 

  1. Stick to The Favourite Brand

You must avoid mixing various alcoholic brands. People often mix different alcoholic brands to get a quick high. To prevent such cocktails, take the drink from the person you trust and know your brand well. Try to have the drink diluted with other non-alcoholic liquids. This will indeed reduce the alcohol testing intensity in the blood. There will be strangers at the party/bar who will generously offer drinks. Avoid such unsolicited offers with a gentle “No.” Always carry your drink with you, and don’t leave it unattended. 

Mixing various brands intensifies the alcohol testing in the blood. It will stay even longer than 2-3 days and causes many side effects that one can avoid. Alcohol testing results can remain positive for the next 2-3 days. It is essential to get back to normalcy and get started with a routine. Mixing may have a lingering headache, stomach upset and may cause many other physical anomalies, which one can avoid with mindfulness.

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Parting Words

We would like to mention a few cautionary steps before wrapping up. Stay away from impending trouble that you may foresee brewing up. The unwarranted feud and rage may get nasty, leading to significant bar fights. Avoid suspicious people at the bar, dark and isolated corners. Keep the phone numbers of police and competent authorities handy to seek help if you expect things are going out of hand at the party.