Top Three Reasons Why Tru Goddezz Music is the new Elevated Wave of Conscious Pop.

Top Three Reasons Why Tru Goddezz Music is the new Elevated Wave of Conscious Pop.

Good Morning, Good People. It is a beautiful day, May 2023 with me.Benoît live from BBC studio serving you with the latest   broadcast. At our newest UK  broadcasting house. Here is  today’s headline. The top three reasons recording artist Tru Goddezz has literally created a new elevated wave of conscious pop music.

For more than a year, we have been looking into the creative works of soundtrack recording artist, Tru Goddezz.

Let’s just say this. Who doesn’t love curling up with good mystic stories  full of adventures that keep you happily on the edge of your seat?

Tru Goddezz

The top three reasons we found are that: 

Number 1) Tru Goddezz’s new single Trip has the power in the here and now, to take people to soul healing places they’ve never been before.

Number 2) Tru Goddezz has an astounding multi-Genre style of music versatility.Tru Goddezz  has consistently topped the Indie charts no matter what style or genre of music she releases.

Alté and Afropop musicians continue to fuse a universal freedom of expression with artists like Tru Goddezz, Wizkid, Davido,& Burna Boy, who have become an influence in demand here in the UK and across the world.

Number 3) I feel that Tru Goddezz’s music combined with her signature, Mystikal Flo Style, has the ability to bring revelation to people.What I am about to show you is an actual  handwritten sketch created by the recording artist Tru Goddezz for her new album cover, Trip.

I received this very key  information from one of my sources. Look at this !… this is a phenomenal piece of work.

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 As we can all plainly see, the cover creation reflects the heart of the divine, it reflects mystic sex sea sounds. Someone from Paris, France commented,”This cover focuses on the truth of God ” I would definitely say that we can all agree with that comment. Every time we look at Tru Goddezz’s geometric creations, you can be reminded of that truth. In a blissful state of mind. Now take a look at the finished work of her  Gold creation. It is so gleaming and  peaceful. Like Tru Goddezz says, in her single ” Alchemy.“ 

Thank You for Joining Me at BBC studios. Today again, I am  Benoît serving you 24/7  the latest and greatest  broadcast.

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