Upgrade Your Marketing Plans with Google Review Widget in 2022

Upgrade Your Marketing Plans with Google Review Widget in 2022

In this stiff competition, it is critical for any brand to up their game, and this is where Google review widget comes into play. You might have noticed that nowadays, many brands are choosing to embed Google review widget on the website and flaunt their review before their potential customers.

After all, we are in this competitive environment, where building credibility in front of the consumers stands out as an essential task for any business to flourish. And with the impact of online reviews on the visitors’ buying decisions, using the Google review widget for the website can be termed a brilliant move. 

Google review widget works as a functional block on your website. This operational block enables you to seamlessly embed Google reviews on the website without affecting the speed and quality of the site. You might be wondering where you can get these Google reviews widgets, right? 

There are ample tools currently available in the market that provides you with a dedicated Google review widget. With their easy embedding process, you can even easily add them to your website. In this blog, we will discuss 3 such tools.

Top-Rated Tools That Enables To Embed Google Review Widget on Website

The tools mentioned below are currently the best in the market; they are easy to use and offer amazing features that make this strategy more effective and result-oriented. You can easily find these tools on the internet and operate them with ease.

1. Tagembed

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The first name on our list is Tagembed. This is one of the well-known and powerful social media aggregator tools. The tool helps you collect social media feeds, enables you to curate and customize them, and then assists in displaying them on the website. Including Google review it is compatible with 20+ other social media platforms, providing users a wide range of content to show on the website. 

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This tool’s dedicated Google review widget enables you to exhibit Google reviews from your Google My Business account with ease. By following some simple steps, you can easily embed Google review widget on your website and build reliability in the market.

The tool not only eases the embedding process but also provides some useful features that make this tool stand out from the crowd and an ideal marketing tool. The features include the customization feature that enables you to personalize your widget as per your need, and you can do that by changing the color of the widget, font size of the feed, font style, and more. You also have the option to choose from various themes and layouts, so you can pick the one that suits the style and vibe of your website.

Moreover, the responsive widget saves time that you might spend adjusting the widget according to different screen sizes. In simple terms, the widget adjusts as per different screen sizes without hampering the website alignment.

Custom CSS, custom CTA, and real-time updates are other significant features of the tool. 

2. Social Proofed


As we all know, businesses pay massive attention to maintaining their online persona as a trusted brand. And for that, consumer reviews and feedback play a major role. Consumers often share their feedback and provide consumers points of view related to the product. 

Social Proofed is one of the best tools available in the market that provides the facility to the brands to collect feedback and reviews by showcasing them on the website. With its compatibility with Google review, you can easily accumulate google reviews. And showcase them with comfort using Google review widget from this tool.

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You can choose from different layouts and templates and beautify the widget. As you make your widget more charming and beautiful, it improves the overall look and charm of the website and even adds the element of engagement.

3. Reviews on My Website


Next on our list is another fantastic and effective widget tool – Reviews On My Website. The name pretty much explains the function of the tool. The tool helps in collecting the reviews and displaying them on websites.

With the help of Google review widget provided by the tool, you can exhibit real-time reviews to your visitors and hold them to your website. We all know that as customers have a lot to choose from, it is essential that they stick to your website so that it eventually instills interest in their minds. Most consumers often browse different websites searching for reviews, so if you are providing them reviews on your website, they won’t be wandering around in search of reviews. And this eventually might reduce your bounce rate.

Summing It Up

No matter in which era the business is run, one cannot ignore consumer feedback. As we have the facility of the internet in our life, online shopping is slowly developing into an integral part of any business. Online reviews are enjoying their deserved popularity. With the tools mentioned above, you can embed Google review widget on a website, and fulfill the purpose of reviews. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Try these tools now, and upgrade your marketing plans.