US Open 2022: History, Schedule, Favorites, and Every Other Thing You Should Know

US Open 2022: History, Schedule, Favorites, and Every Other Thing You Should Know

The US Open is the fourth and final grand slam tournament each year in tennis. Even if it is the last grand slam of the year, it is by no means less lucrative than the other grand slam events. In fact, it is one of the most important tennis tournaments watched by tennis lovers worldwide.

This year, tennis fans are waiting excitedly for the kick-off of the tournament, which is scheduled to begin on Monday 29th August and end on Sunday 11th September. The US Open tennis tournament will take place in Arthur Ashe Stadium, New York. This stadium is perfect for the tournament because it gives spectators a perfect view of the happenings on the field no matter where they are seated.

Amidst the excitement of the upcoming US open games, bet lovers anticipate placing bets and making a profit from this tournament. Aladar Kollar, an excellent sports tipster, says, „A US Open a legjobb lehetőséget kínálja minden fogadónak, hogy pénzt keressen teniszre való fogadásból. Minden komoly fogadónak érdemes kihasználnia a rendelkezésre álló különböző szorzókat, és többet megtudni tenisz deuce fogadás lehetőségéről. Még a kezdők is kereshetnek pénzt a US Openen, ha a megfelelő stratégiákat alkalmazzák. Ha nem vagy benne biztos, hogy melyik meccsre fogadj, látogass el a Mighty Tips oldalára, ahol olyan tippeket és előrejelzéseket kaphatsz a szakértőktől, amelyek nagyobb nyerési esélyt biztosíthatnak.”

If you are new to watching and betting on tennis games, continue reading to learn more about betting on the US Open tournament and tennis betting for beginners.

History of US Open

This tournament is one of the oldest tennis championships. It originated from the US National Championship, a tournament only open to US National Lawn Tennis Association members and reserved for men’s singles and doubles tennis games.

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In 1887, the women’s singles were introduced to the tournament, and in 1889 the women’s doubles were added. In 1892, the mixed doubles were added, and it has remained so since then. All five championships were played in different stadiums until 1968.

For the first time, all the games were played at one location, the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, Queens, N.Y. F. From then on, the tournament became known as the US Open, and the name will not be changed anytime soon.

Since its inception, this tournament has been played on different surfaces, from grass to clay and finally, deco turf, a hard court surface. The games have been played on a hard surface since 1978, and it is now part of the tournament’s bio. Fans are now accustomed to seeing players on the fine acrylic surface as they train with their tennis balls Wilson US Open and compete using the official US open balls.

US Open 2022 Schedule

For two weeks, starting from 29th August to 9th September, tennis lovers can enjoy watching the tournament in the Arthur Ashe stadium in New York.

The US Open tennis qualifying matches are played first before the main games. The schedule for the main game is as follows.

SESSION                       DAY       DATESESSION TIME (ET)            MATCH SCHEDULE (Singles)
1MO8/2911:00 AMMen’s & Women’s 1st Round
2MO8/297:00 PMMen’s & Women’s 1st Round
3TU8/3011:00 AMMen’s & Women’s 1st Round
4TU8/307:00 PMMen’s & Women’s 1st Round
5WE8/3111:00 AMMen’s & Women’s 2nd Round
6WE8/317:00 PMMen’s & Women’s 2nd Round
7TH9/0111:00 AMMen’s & Women’s 2nd Round
8TH9/017:00 PMMen’s & Women’s 2nd Round
9FR9/0211:00 AMMen’s & Women’s 3rd Round
10FR9/027:00 PMMen’s & Women’s 3rd Round
11SA9/0311:00 AMMen’s & Women’s 3rd Round
12SA9/037:00 PMMen’s & Women’s 3rd Round
13SU9/0411:00 AMMen’s & Women’s Round of 16
14SU9/047:00 PMMen’s & Women’s Round of 16
15MO9/0511:00 AMMen’s & Women’s Round of 16
16MO9/057:00 PMMen’s & Women’s Round of 16
17TUE9/0612:00 PMMen’s & Women’s Quarterfinals
18TUE9/067:00 PMMen’s & Women’s Quarterfinals
19WE9/0712:00 PMMen’s & Women’s Quarterfinals
20WE9/077:00 PMMen’s & Women’s Quarterfinals
21TH9/087:00 PMWomen’s Semifinals
22FR9/093:00 PMMen’s Semifinals
23FR9/097:00 PMMen’s Semifinals
24SA9/104:00 PMWomen’s Finals
25SU9/114:00 PMMen’s Finals

Favorites for the US Open 2022

Tennis fans worldwide are wondering who the champions of the US Open 2022 will be. While we can’t answer that right away, we can tell you some of the top favorites predicted to excel in this year’s tournament.

Stanislas Wawrinka, Estrela, Jogador, Atleta, Servindo

1. Who Will Win the Men’s US Open 2022 Tournament?

In 2021, Daniil Medvedev won the men’s event for the first time. This year’s top contenders include:

  • Novak Djokovic (Age 34)
  • Daniil Medvedev (Age 26)
  • Alexander Zverev (Age 24)
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas (Age 23)
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2. Who Will Win the Women’s US Open 2022 Tournament 

Last year Emma Raducanu emerged the winner of the women’s single after winning all qualifiers and all seven sets. This was her second time in the tournament and her first win.

The top contenders for the winner this year are:

  • Ashleigh Barty (Age 25)
  • Aryna Sabalenka (Age 23)
  • Barbora Krejcikova (Age 26)
  • Karolina Pliskova (Age 29)

Winning in tennis can be very unpredictable. Being a sport for individuals, maintaining focus, form, and tenacity to keep going for every win could be difficult, so new names continuously emerge as winners. Watch out for the above names this year as you watch the matches and place your bets.


With August around the corner, all tennis lovers should be gearing up to watch and enjoy the upcoming games. 

If you cannot visit the Arthur Ashe stadium and do not know how to watch US Open tennis games, you can watch the games online on Hulu live TV, FuboTV, Sling orange, or YouTube. Remember to watch out for US Open tennis odds and bet on games daily.