Why is it important that you do right after a love affair?

Why is it important that you do right after a love affair?

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What do you personally do right after a love affair? Some partners love to cuddle for a long time; others go to bed almost immediately; the third – get up to eat or drink something; fourth – they just go home. But does it have any meaning for people in long-term relationships? According to research, yes!

If we consider a new study published in the American edition of the Archives of Sexual Behavior, with the participation of several hundred respondents – the more time the couple spend lying in each other’s arms or otherwise express physical attachment after sex, the stronger and more trusting their relationship.

Hugging, having dinner or going to bed

Participants in the experiment were interviewed about the time they usually spend on “after sex,” the foreplay and intimacy itself — and how much they are currently satisfied with their relationship. It turned out that the more time people spend on postsexual affection, the more they are happy with their life. And this is true for both women and men.

In a second study, scientists evaluated 101 couples (94% of which were heterosexual) for three months. For the first three weeks, participants took a daily poll about their sex life, which included including the same questions as in the first study. Three months later, participants were asked once again to answer questions about satisfaction with the relationship.

It turned out that in those days when couples spent a little more time on the “afterword”, they reported that they were more satisfied with both sex and their partner. The results were not dependent on the gender of the respondents.

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Of course, a reverse causal relationship is also possible: harmonious relationships make couples go to bed in each other’s arms.