How to get a boyfriend until spring and keep him after a break up

How to get a boyfriend until spring and keep him after a break up

There is no benefit to the seductive leaning of the bar and belly pulling; hoping the Prince (on a white horse) will notice you. He may be watching you, but his friends will also notice you, so he won’t dare to take anything but watch you from a distance.

So, you need to take the first step. Because it is usually frightening and could end in humiliation, you need preconceived, intelligent sentences. Let’s do as we’ve known for years. How’s your mother?” Or: “Take off your coat, go to me,” but only if you want a night’s entertainment. “


Without disgrace. Every one of your sweethearts knows an attractive man, don’t they? Friend, former colleague, brother, neighbor … Meet! Arrange for your friends to take someone to your next meeting, but don’t come by yourself – you never know who will like it. It might sound somewhat like an exchange; however it isn’t generally the situation. When you sit down together in a cozy cafe and start chatting casually, you will easily find the person you like. Don’t consider the friend’s whispers: “Wow, you don’t need it, how boring!” Decide for yourself, except if you hear that it is a major temptress and a chaser. If your plan succeeds, by the end of the night you will have at least one number in the cell or an unknown man in bed…

3. FUN

You don’t need credit to make a good party, just real people, good music, a bunch of beer … And of course, lots of sexy men. Have them invite friends again, so maybe the real one is among them.

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“OK, indeed, he’s a companion of the sibling’s companion…” And you invite someone you like at least a little bit, for example a colleague. Who knows, maybe the fourth floor neighbor with beautiful blue eyes is ideal for the first day of the New Year. Ultimately in your favorite cafe you will notice that there is going to be a good party here.


Do you have any ex you still like? Have you meditated peacefully and civilized. If so, here’s another opportunity. For the New Year, however, you need not argue about where you made a mistake and analyze the past, but just gentle cuddling, fun sex and the chance to have a little more New Year’s Eve, without hysterical crying, alone in the corner.

Why bother getting to know someone new when they can be a good, old guy in bed? But of course, it makes no sense if: you broke up last week, if your best friend told you “Promise me you’ll never be together again,” or if she’s now married to your cousin.


Why would anyone want to work for a weekend? Because it’s the best way to get to know someone. One job will surely make you an appointment, to be a waitress. An endless parade of men of all sorts will pass by, see you, and you will be especially beautiful and happy, for these are days of joy and celebration.

If anyone notices you, and it sure does, you can start a spontaneous conversation and end up with a meeting arrangement. Without shame, you can work until your plan “blows”, then quit and spend the best day of spring with your boyfriend.

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You know him, but you don’t even know where he lives. Don’t sit at home and cry, but give him a gift. What could be more beautiful for a man than a small gift with a romantic message from a beautiful girl like you?

Keep in mind that you want to conquer, not despair. So give him something simple – a bottle of wine with the message: “Are you a drinker?”. Of course, it’s much better than champagne with the message: “I need you, I love you, love me.”

Be sure to sign up and leave a phone number, but do not be constantly in front of the phone, as it may have been on your way back then. Do you think the gift is too invasive, just an invitation for a drink is enough? Don’t think he’d do that anymore if he was interested. I may be thinking, but my friend has been preoccupied with talking about football…


If you work in a large building, there is probably a good “sample” in it for good entertainment. As the celebration begins at the office, make sure the celebration comes as well. If your happiness is laughing and together it turns into a slightly freer party, here’s a tip: it’s better to just talk and propose to find yourself tomorrow than throw it at the boss’s desk. So, seduce but with a measure.


During the year most of your friends are not overly free, but interesting conversations and seductive looks can ignite the passion of passion.

Probably it is a source of great joy, frequent compliments and kisses, and a slightly higher amount of alcohol. It is possible for a seemingly withdrawn old friend to greet you with open arms. Of course, there is a downside to such an embrace, because sex with a man to whom you have been told the most intimate secrets could end in tears.

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The secret is in not loving. So, record it, support it in the winter and spring with it, if it’s good to last it after the holidays – then leave it. Or, get over it!