3 Main Types of Visitors to Online Shops

3 Main Types of Visitors to Online Shops

People are very different. They each have their own unique pains and needs, and your online shop’s job is to sell them exactly what they’re looking for. There are over a dozen different psychotypes of shoppers in total, and each has their own views and needs. We will highlight the 3 most common types of online shop visitors, and try to explain in general terms what these people are. Order ecommerce development services at: branderstudio.com/what-we-offer/e-commerce 

Spontaneous Shopper

This is most often a young man or woman between the ages of 16 and 30. Tends to favour mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Often has a PC or laptop, but uses it only for computer games or work. They prefer to shop via iOS or Android mobile devices because they consider it a more convenient and modern way of shopping. 

These customers account for the lion’s share of all total sales of online shops. They are very well led by beautiful pictures, comfortable and stylish designs, recognizable brand style. They buy mainly products of well-known brands. For example, when it comes to smartphones, they are only interested in iPhones or Samsungs. Decisions about purchases are usually made based on their subjective emotions. Often subjected to the WOW-effect and do not have one favourite online shop, preferring to visit different platforms.

Scrupulous Shopper

Usually a man or woman between the ages of 20 and 40. Having a life experience of certain failures and disappointments makes them cautious and meticulous. Such people understand that money in our world is given by hard work, so they spend their savings rarely and reluctantly. Subjecting them to the WOW-effect is almost impossible. They almost never buy beautiful trinkets that they don’t really need.

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Such shoppers are very fond of comparing prices, picking out the best deals. Also, they are very fond of using filters, because they are looking for a specific product that meets certain parameters. The best way to attract such visitors to your online shop is to have competitive prices, a large selection and quality goods. They draw conclusions about the quality of the product based on ratings and reviews from other users.

Rich Customer

For such customers it is always a fight not for life, but for death, because they account for more than half of the total income of online shops. Such a person can go to an online shop, buy a smart TV with a huge screen resolution, a modern technological refrigerator, a branded washing machine, a bunch of other household appliances, and make it all one order. 

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? If you manage to attract such customers to your online shop, you are guaranteed success. They will make you revenue by regularly buying expensive branded goods, and they will ask for more. Your task is to convince such customers that your shop is the best, and they should buy from you. Therefore, your shop should be perfect in everything, from a user-friendly interface to polite managers, always ready to help.