3 Reasons You Must Teach Your Child Piano

When I say that you must teach your kid to play the piano, I do not imply that you must pay someone else to do it.

Rather, I mean that YOU must take the initiative to educate your kid.

Okay, I can hear all the ranting and screaming and all the justifications, but bear with me for a while.

Why can’t you teach your kid piano if you don’t have a degree in math, science, or education and are eligible to homeschool your child?

So what if you’re not a homeschooling mother?

Well, I don’t homeschool my kids in the conventional sense, so I understand what you mean and the concerns you may have about it and your own talents.

But believe me. We’re all capable of it. If you are capable of assisting your youngster with his or her schoolwork. If you are capable of learning new things, you may also teach your kid to play the piano.

I can also tell you right now that your fears about teaching will be your greatest asset, serving your kid much more than any fancy pants private piano instructor you can pay.

So, if you’re at least half persuaded that what I’m saying is true, let’s get started on why YOU should teach your kid to play the piano.

Nobody knows your child like you do.

That is correct.

You know what works and what doesn’t work for your kid.

So you may tailor the instructional material to your kid’s requirements, and since it will be one on one with you and your child, you will have plenty of time to adapt everything to her specifications.

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You Will Recognize The Difficulty

See, here is where I believe a parent who knows nothing about music but is learning and teaching at the same time will always have an advantage over a professional instructor.

You will stumble as a learner, just like your kid, and you will be able to sympathise with her.

What’s more, your youngster may learn quicker than you do and eventually become the instructor.

Not only will this boost her confidence, but it will also help her recall what she is learning, making this a very enjoyable and joyful experience for the two of you.

The bonding experience will be invaluable.

Any parent in my Teach Your Child Piano Facebook group (of which I have over a thousand) would tell you that the bonding experience was priceless.

There’s something about adopting an active, hands-on approach to your child’s education that truly does that.

The only way to know is to try it for yourself.

So, what do you have to lose? Simply begin training your youngster to play the piano straight now.

What exactly is it? You’re at a loss about where to begin?

So, contact me right now for my piano-led.com, and I will give you with all of the necessary equipment and resources.

Avijit Ghosh