A Closer Look at Student Life in Edinburgh

A Closer Look at Student Life in Edinburgh

Scotland is possibly best known as a nation with men wearing skirts (kilts) and a range of deceitful foods made of the stomach of a lamb (haggis) with accents hard to comprehend.

It is not too long before you realize that Edinburgh is the location of numerous bizarre and odd things. There are also plenty of things to do that will fascinate you about student life in Edinburgh.


It is likely that you will be able to recognize Edinburgh immediately in any photograph you look at because of its historic architectural style and cobblestone walkways.

The city centre of Edinburgh is made up of two distinct zones:

 The Old Town and the New Town. You can imagine this The Old Town is the ancient section of Edinburgh and is preserved by keeping its medieval street plans and a number of buildings from the Reformation time. Reports by Pauline Cater a heritage research writer at dissertation help UK.

 In contrast, the city’s New Town (which is not as modern) was built during the Georgian period.

Imagine walking around the streets during your free time after university and being able to call home. It seems odd, doesn’t it?

The streets are not only packed with historical sites, but there are many famous spots that distinguish Scotland’s capital as unique and a hub of culture.

 For instance, Edinburgh Castle proudly stands on Castle Rock and can be visited from any location within the town.

 The presence of the castle is impressive to those who visit it, but it is also an attraction that you can visit throughout the day. Who would not be impressed at this?


The possibilities are pub-crawls, nightclubs or elegant cocktail events. As the sunset is setting across Edinburgh, the nightlife scene is live!

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Some students’ nightlife is an important part of their university experience, and we are glad to report that Edinburgh will not disappoint.

Streets are filled with a variety of venues that will satisfy everyone’s preferences, regardless of the type of night you like.

When you think about Edinburgh University, Did you know that it is the site of the first students’ union anywhere in the world, the Teviot Row house? We thought that it was a great idea that was in keeping with Edinburgh being such a historic city!

The Students Unions within Edinburgh are wonderful places to meet, especially during the evenings, as they host some of the largest gatherings for students in Edinburgh.

In addition to the institution of the university, there are numerous bars for those who are looking for cheap drinks and amazing live music.

Why Not is an amazing place that is loved by many students, particularly since its revamp a couple of years back. If you are seeking a spot to put on a glamorous look, head to The Lulu’s.

The location is located at George Street. Lulu’s is one of the best places to go with its Saturday Night Fever-style dance area, as well as a number of seating areas to have a drink while chatting with your pals!

Do you wish to sit back and relax in the bar to watch the latest sporting happenings? Go there at Belushi’s and Footlights. 

Both are situated in Edinburgh Old Town and serve the finest beers available you are guaranteed to enjoy a great evening with your friends anytime during the week.

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In truth, if you have never been to Edinburgh and have not been to Edinburgh, you are probably not ready to be awed by the warmth of everyone!

It is not uncommon to be friendly to strangers in the streets or to engage in conversations with those who live in the vicinity. Everyone is looking forward to having a good time. If you are cheerful and have a positive attitude, they will too!

Along with other students, too. They will make you feel like you are at home, and you are bound to meet new people once you have risen to the next stage.


There is a myriad of students that come to Edinburgh to pursue their university international and in the domestic. However, the abundance of Scottish accents you will encounter during your time here. Says, Rebecca Harvey accent coach from European Business Review.

It is possible that you will not be able to understand the accent. It might take you a few weeks to learn the language, but for those who are like us, it is like heaven for you!


Everybody fantasizes about the summer months when you get to relax on the beach and sip on endless cups. If that is your dream, you are most likely to succeed in the summer season!

Edinburgh is situated near the heart of the Ocean and boasts a gorgeous beachfront. 

You can enjoy stunning views and stunning walking along Portobello Beach, grab an Ice cream and relax from the stress of university.

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Cramond Island is a must-visit for those who study in this region. 

It’s a tide-dependent island located on the Firth of Forth, which is accessible during low tides using an access causeway. It is a great day excursion with flatmates. Be sure to ensure that you are on the right route, or else the tide might drown you.


The idea of being away from your home can be challenging, and if you are looking to travel across the globe, Edinburgh has an interconnected UK train system that can make your life easier by 10x.

Manchester, Birmingham, London and numerous others are served by direct trains, which will transport passengers all the way to Edinburgh Waverley.

 If you are the very first person to leave home and you are incredibly content with this option since it lets you travel with ease without needing an automobile!


Did you have ever had the desire to try Haggis? Maybe you are not, but it is a traditional Scottish dish you need to look into if you choose to relocate to Scotland.

Eating and drinking is a vital aspect of the life of a student in Edinburgh, and it is no surprise that at every turn, there is a delicious dessert ready to be enjoyed. Brief by Sabrina Davidson a Deputy Chef with postal work jobs.

Go to Kanpai to turn into a sushi paradise, or enjoy a bite of the food in Street Box, Edinburgh’s very own Thai street food stall serving every delicious Thai dish you can think of!

Whatever you like to eat, there is a dish that will satisfy your tastes.

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