A Strategy For Growing Instagram Likes

A Strategy For Growing Instagram Likes

The world of social media is made up of very different platforms, where each platform has its own way of working to build reach and influence. Facebook, for example, is mainly used to keep in touch with friends, relatives and acquaintances, while LinkedIn is used more to cultivate links with a network of colleagues and people in the same professional sector. Twitter, for its part, promotes more global connections online between people who share certain points of view or fields of interest. There’s also Tumblr, which is good for hour-to-hour communication on particular topics (the progress of a video or video game project, for example) and Instagram, which is a good platform for sharing images (photos of filming, for example).


Let’s say you know who you want to engage (depending on your strategy) in strengthening your popularity via Instagram likes, as you have determined it is the platform your target audiences frequent the most. If you otherwise already have a strong presence and a solid network in social media, it may be enough to optimize its management. But you may need to expand your presence by using the other platforms to bolster the Instagram account, so to attract certain interest groups with which you do not yet have ties.

The choice of that platform depends essentially on the nature of your project and the audiences you want to mobilize. In some cases, you may want to put a video on your YouTube channel and use it to redirect viewers to Instragam. In other cases, it’s better to open a new Twitter account and wait until you have enough people who follow you seriously before announcing your Instagram project and your campaign. You might even go so far as to create a  blog with dedicated Twitter and Facebook accounts to keep their new followers up to date on the progress of a project.

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You have chosen your media and built relationships with your target audiences. It’s time to start promoting your Instagram likes campaign. But don’t wait for the community to fully develop to start promoting their end destination. The idea is to succeed in creating a “vibe,” and generating enthusiasm for your brand even before asking they go to your Instagram. That way, you don’t have the double challenge of launching your promotion and publicizing it at the start.

According to several sources, if enough enthusiasm has been generated from the start, the upward spiral will continue beyond the early days, when it is mostly friends and relatives who follow you. It is therefore important to start the promotion before that point so that the social networks activate immediately and that interest in it is generated. Likes will in turn generate followers and subscribers as your project proceeds.


The key to success is cultivating strong and engaging connections with your community members on social media for the duration of the campaign. To do this, feed them news that does not only talk about your brand. It is not enough to broadcast an identical reminder every week to solicit donations and invite your contacts to talk about your project in their circles.

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Once your social platform is focused on fostering Instagram likes, be sure to publish information that is really relevant and interesting for those who like you. You don’t want to just get annoying with your messages. You can share the status of your current projects, talk about people who recently joined your team, direct people to pictorials, interviews or articles about your work, post regular updates, and send heartfelt thanks to all who support you. Keeping people informed is a key way to keep your Instagram momentum and maximize its results.  

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