How To Grow Your Instagram Business Account

How To Grow Your Instagram Business Account

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-based social media platforms but it can do so much more than just inform you about what your friends are up to. It is a great marketing tool for businesses to connect with their target audience and increase sales.

This social media network is an excellent channel for raising brand awareness and introducing your products and services in a non-sales-y manner. Having an Instagram business profile will instantly add a sense of professionalism to your account.

Regardless of whether you just recently opened an Instagram business profile or you opened it years ago, in this post, we’re going to share some useful tips on how to grow your following and make the most out of your account by using Instagram’s robust business features.

Develop Your Unique Strategy

Having a clear plan makes the Instagram journey much simpler and less stressful because you always have your strategy to fall back on. With a strategy in place, you’ll be able to create a foundation and meet your purpose with your account, and what content can be shared.

Start with your purpose and why you want to be on Instagram. Also, think about your goals and what is the purpose of your presence? Content is an essential aspect of a successful Instagram business profile so decide what it is you wish to share with your followers and how to get people to share your content on Instagram for an even wider reach. Last but not least, think about the budget and how much you’ll need to spend if you want to use ads.

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Find Your Niche

A messy impression can make it harder for your visitors to understand what they will be experiencing. So, show clearly what you have to offer. Being specific allows you to become an expert in your particular field.

Do you have difficulty finding your niche? Think about who you want to reach, what problems you can solve, and what exactly you have that is unique and stand out from the crowd.

Build A Following

Today, it’s not possible to guarantee that those who choose to follow you will also see your posts in the feed. That’s why it’s important to attract the right followers—those you think can be inspired and benefit from following you. This increases the likelihood that the followers will participate and like, comment, share and save your content, resulting in your posts appearing in both the followers’ and other users’ feeds.

To increase the number of your followers you must identify your target group and follow them. Then you’ll be able to see what they’re publishing and understand what they engage with, which will help you create content to their liking.

Start a conversation with other users by liking and commenting on posts you find interesting. The more you interact with others, the more they will talk to you. Focus on communicating with those interested in your niche. Otherwise, you’ll end up with followers who are not interested in your brand.

One of the most important things when looking to grow your Instagram business account is using the right hashtags. This way, more people will get the chance to find your post and learn about your business. For this reason, take the time to explore properly, test yourself and build a hashtag strategy.

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Reach Out

Just being on Instagram is useless if you don’t succeed in reaching out to followers. Reaching out increases awareness of your brand and can bring you new customers and business relationships. So, it is important to know the tricks to reach out further with your Instagram account. 

By promoting Instagram posts, your posts can be seen on Instagram by a selected target group during a certain period. You can also collaborate with influencers as they can help you showcase your brand in their account for a fee.

One idea is to organize contests. It can be a smart way to engage your followers, and even get new ones as there is a motivational prize.

Create Engagement With Stories

In addition to your usual flow of photos and videos, you can create Instagram Stories. By default, they remain available for 24 hours, but you can save them in your profile so that those who visit your profile can see them afterward. Often the Story consists of a video, but it can also be a still image. Several different extra features invite interaction. For example, you can conduct polls, and Q&As, and add links and pictures.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to grow your Instagram business account, the platform offers excellent opportunities to accomplish this. By implementing the above tips, you can raise brand awareness and generate more sales.