The Most Important Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Serviced Office Provider

The Most Important Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Serviced Office Provider

There are indeed more and more businesses who have gone the serviced office route, and its popularity is hardly surprising in this day and age when almost every business is finding new ways to be economical – and no company wants to be tied down to a lengthy commitment! And there are myriad other benefits brought by a serviced office – they allow room for growth (and rapid growth, at that), they are flexible with their workspace, they have a few other value-added, pay-as-you-go services, and they even give you the chance to hobnob and network with some like-minded individuals who may have a similar goal and vision. And to top it all off, it puts you in the centre of all the action – just like those big multinational companies but without the extra expense and hefty rent. 

With all these benefits, what’s not to like about the setup provided by the serviced office? But before you take the leap, it’s crucial to understand what you can expect and know what comes with it. There are many providers out there, but it’s best to be careful with your choice so you can get the best out of it! So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Here are the most important questions you should ask your prospective serviced office provider. 

What is the agreement?

First, you have to ask them about the agreement itself – what is involved in the rental? But you must consider your needs and requirements, first and foremost. For example, do you need just a space where you can move temporarily (as your permanent office is being built or renovated, for instance), or do you require a flexible workspace which can expand as you go along? 

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Ask for particulars as well – some offices are paid as you go, but others have an agreement that stretches from month to month. Others even have a longer agreement that extends from a month to a year. Consider your needs carefully so you can go with the agreement that suits you the most. And don’t forget to ask how much time you need before giving notice, as some office providers let you leave with a month’s notice whilst others may have a different scheme in place – so always ask. 

How much is it?

Of course, you have to ask about the cost – and what it includes. Again, it can vary from one serviced office provider to the next, so ask about the inclusions. Most would already include the office space plus the security and manned reception. The telephone and Broadband connections are also part of the deal – much like the units to rent in Manchester offered by Cariocca Enterprises. It’s important to ask if there are any additional services you can avail of on a pay-as-you-go basis, such as meeting rooms and conference rooms, business support services, and even an answering service. Also, what about the cost of the rental deposit? Granted, it’s not as big as a traditional lease (which can require deposits of up to a year in advance), but if the provider asks for three months in advance (which is often the case), then you need to have access to it and prepare it. 

Where is it located?

For many business owners, this is paramount – you do, after all, need to be easily accessible to both your clients and talent! It should be a location that works for you – and you have to consider other things besides. One is whether or not the premises are secure. For instance, does it have CCTV and alarm systems? Furthermore, what are the amenities available within or in the nearby area – from restaurants to coffee shops, train and bus stations, and the like. And one more thing – is it in a prestigious location, alongside other businesses? This matters if you want to present an excellent image to your clients! 

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What are the amenities and facilities?

We already asked about this, but it doesn’t hurt to expound on it further. As to amenities, most serviced offices will have the abovementioned meeting and conference rooms – but will they also have office equipment for rent and a kitchen or pantry? When it comes to facilities, is it possible for them to provide you with more space as your business expands, and is there parking available? 

There are other factors to consider, but as long as you are clear about what you want from the beginning, the rest shouldn’t be a problem. 

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