A Comprehensive Guide to All Kinds of Men’s Haircuts

A Comprehensive Guide to All Kinds of Men’s Haircuts

Whether you want to try a completely new haircut or just meet with a new barber, knowing what you want and being able to communicate your ideas to your stylist is the first step.

Aside from having some reference pictures, knowing some of the terminology and haircut names for guys will help you communicate more effectively with the barber. This guide to all types of Men’s Haircut should help you with this task.

Men’s Haircut Styles:

Choosing a flattering hairstyle entails more than just deciding whether your hair should be long or short. Men’s haircuts can be classified as either business, athletic, military, or hipster. Scroll down to see our entire collection of men’s hairstyles.

The prestigious Ivy League:

The Ivy League haircut is a longer version of the crew cut, with longer hair on top and short, faded sides. This hairstyle can be worn with one side parted. A shape-up – shaved natural hairline and shaved side parting – is used in a modern, more refined version of this cut.

Undercut for Men:

An undercut is a haircut that features short, buzzed sides and back that are separated from the longer crown area. This more sophisticated undercut hairstyle combines a mid fade on the sides and a low fade in the back with a longer top area.

The Caesar Cut:

A short, straight cut fringe distinguishes the Caesar haircut, named after Julius Caesar. A tousled, bleached crown area and a disconnected skin fade on the sides and back distinguish this modern take on the Caesar cut.


Mohawks, which were named after a Native American tribe, became a trademark of punk aesthetics. This hairstyle has a longer hair strip from the brow to the lower nape and short, buzzed sides. We adore this modern take on the cut, with its intricate details while remaining bold and rebellious.

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Taper Cutting:

The sides are taper-cut with clippers and blended with the top using the scissors-over-comb technique to achieve this type of men’s haircut. Hairlines that are shaped give this hairstyle a crisp and edgy finish. Keep in mind that the taper fade will need to be touched up at least once every 4-6 weeks.

Fade Low:

A low fade is a type of men’s hairstyle in which the very short sides dramatically lengthen just above the ears, blending into the longer hair on top. This contrasting look with extremely short skin fade and long, tousled top may appeal to you, or you may prefer a less dramatic, classier version of the same style – with shorter top and longer sides.

Fade in the Middle:

The middle fade follows the line around the head just below the crown: hair transitions from short to long between the ear and the crown. We recommend leaving the crown area longer for curly and wavy hair and styling it with hair mousse.

High Fading:

According to its name, high fade creates a more noticeable contrast between the short sides and the long top. While this haircut is bold and edgy on its own, it can be enhanced with a shaved hair design.