Create An Acting Resume Through Online Acting Classes

Create An Acting Resume Through Online Acting Classes

Submitting a professional acting resume can increase the chances of getting the part. An acting resume is unique – it should fit an 8” x 10” sheet of paper because it will include your headshot. You need to include your skills and experience to show the casting directors that you are the best fit for the role. The resume places emphasis on your talent, abilities, and the acting training you have received.

According to Mark Stolzenberg, a teacher at The New York Acting School for Film and Television, the first job of an actor is to know your craft and become an expert at acting. Take professional classes and perform wherever and whenever you can.

Since 2020, you cannot attend studio classes onsite because of pandemic restrictions. It’s a great thing that Method Acting has launched its online acting classes. It’s Like working from home or studying from home. Method Acting will continue to have onsite and online acting classes even when COVID restrictions have been lifted. Onsite and online acting classes complement and improve your overall training.

Here are the benefits of going through an online acting class:

  1. It provides the feeling of working in front of a camera.
  2. Schedule flexibility from anywhere in the world.
  3. Work can be recorded for training feedback and actor review.
  4. Actor intimacy with the camera.
  5. Consistent practice at home.
  6. Fewer distractions.

Some actors are hesitant to explore online acting classes because of physical and emotional connection loss. As a result of minimal space, scenes that are being assigned do not require a lot of movement or do not need physical contact between actors. Class breaks are also frequent – most screens are turned off until it’s their time to act. There are minimal opportunities to connect with other actors during breaks. However, these challenges make the actors work harder to connect with their acting partners. There is an intensified level of focus. They have adopted new methods of building relationships, like creating Facebook chat groups. They are also encouraged to use a lot of emojis in chats.  

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Exploring acting is continuous learning. There are various acting techniques, tools, memorizing lines, getting into character, or creating an audition tape. Online acting classes are both for beginners and experienced actors, learning new skills, or taking an improv class. The shift to virtual programming has proven how effectively can be taught online in response to the pandemic.

Once you are done with your online acting classes, you can now add your training, unique skills, and references to your acting resume. Some skills you should have learned from your online acting classes are teamwork, time management, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and other unique skillsets (stunt coordination, musical talent, etc.). Education is also very important. All classes you have taken – high school, voice lessons, dance classes, film study, etc. should be listed.

An actor’s success in an online acting class depends on how he pays attention. In an acting resume, honesty is the best policy. Whatever was experienced should be put down in the resume so that you will pass with flying colors in the interview.